Posted by: Kingsguru21 | September 26, 2009

Kings announce training camp roster

First, the Kings training camp roster has been “officially” announced. The only real surprise here is that Jarmareo Davidson is not on the roster. Melvin Ely is. Other than that, Lanny Smith is a guy from New Mexico (I’m shocked how that would happen) is a guy in training camp.

Other than Ely, or a trade, I wouldn’t expect much sparks to come from training camp. The battle at PG between Udrih, Evans and Rodriguez will generate the most amount of heat. Everything else is exactly what it is. The only real thing to pay attention to daily here, honestly, is any injuries. And, as always, those are always scrutinized under any circumstance anyway.

The other piece of news is that you can ask questions that “may” be asked of players. The Kings are saying it comes from fans, but in my experience that is all fluff piece PR bullshit that makes corporate partners happy. It’s extremely comical, means nothing, and would be a good time to break out the beer early in case the spectacle doesn’t help your sense of humor.

Other than that, I have nothing. Go away.



  1. […] a couple of corrections from the Training Camp Roster post I have to make. (I figure this is as a good a place as any.) The first is Lanny Smith was not […]

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