Posted by: Kingsguru21 | September 26, 2009

Michael Beasley is officially a big boy

This is not Kings related. So feel free to ignore it.

Awhile ago, I ranted against Jay Mariotti and his point that Michael Beasley would have been better prepared for the NBA by playing 3 years (or 4) in the NCAA before leaping. At the time, it was ridiculous to propose as such. (I still wonder how much the NCAA payed Mariotti to write that. But, I digress.) But, the point then, as is now, was a lot more about less about Derrick Rose (which Mariotti mentioned) and mostly about money.

Today, though, Michael Beasley made a point that I hope doesn’t get forgotten in the aftermath of the pictures that were seen on his twitter account (and subsequently deleted) and the hoopla that engaged along with it.

Via the Miami Herald:

`I’m not suicidal,” said Beasley, who acknowledged that his posts were taken far more seriously in public than he intended. “Those tweets were miscommunications that were misunderstood. I think I channeled my emotions and threw my emotions the wrong way. That was the day I was told I was going to be at the facility 30 more days. I was upset.”

First the suicidal point. It was talked about numerous times that he may have been in the aftermath. It’s good that he’s not. The last thing the NBA needs is a 20 year old killing himself regardless of the reason’s. The timing could not be worse, though, for the players as the public would be outraged regardless of the reality that every other 19 year old who has entered the NBA hasn’t committed suicide. The last suicide I can honestly remember is Ricky Berry, and that was in August of ’89. I don’t have to remind Kings fans of that reminder. But, Berry was 24 at the time of his death. And, had played 4 years of college to boot.

Okay, Michael Beasley was immature last season. Yes, Dwyane Wade called him on such. What’s the news here? (Nothing, we already knew that.) An interesting quote emerged out of the series of quotes Beasley gave to the reporters on hand:

“I put my career and my livelihood in jeopardy,” Beasley said. “That’s something I worked day in and day out — for basically my whole life. And to lose it over some Internet social garbage, it’s not smart at all.”

I find it so funny that Beasley called Twitter social garbage. But, that’s me. (I kind of agree, actually.)

Yet, this was the quote that made me go whoa:

“That chapter is behind,” Beasley said. “Later for the immaturity. Later for me blaming it on my age. I’ve come to realize I’m a professional, no matter if I’m 38, no matter if I’m 19 or 20. I’m a professional.

That quote is so very true, and illustrates why I respect what Beasley said even if he doesn’t mean it. The fact is, playing in the NBA DOES MEAN you’re a professional. Yet, so many players don’t act or recognize that. Even some players who are well past 30. (The fact that the media overlooks so much of that is another point, but for another day I suppose. I just don’t give a shit right now in attempting to expose the media as hypocrites, which many are.)

I have yet to hear how playing in College makes a player more prepared for the NBA when players who came in the NBA in the 80’s routinely had drug problems AND 4 year college stays. But, hey let’s ignore history. Or the fact that many High School players are popular phenom’s many media members love to slobber over.

My hope is that the Michael Beasley hoopla shatters much of the bullshit myth’s that often fly in the fact of these type of ordeal’s. In fact, after writing this, I hope to never speak of this again except in referencing it as a talking point of Beasley’s maturity.

I think the relevant point about Beasley is not his mental health after Beasley claims he’s not suicidal or emotional in the Delonte West sense. (That is scary news in of itself, but I won’t comment on that here. All I know is Bi-Polar disorder is bad juju.) The interesting point is that Beasley stressed the weed (that we think was in the picture) in the picture at the tattoo shop was not his. He stressed that to the point where he made it clear enough times that the NBA believes it too.

Beasley also mentioned in the same Herald article that he would be suspended with the next instance of using banned substance’s, and that he didn’t plan on finding out what that meant.

On that point, I will believe Beasley’s in improved behavior when he consistently exhibit’s it. In my experience, just because you may have found a solution to beating alcoholism at 18 doesn’t mean you aren’t an alcoholic at 22, yanno? Diseases don’t go away with a single (or two) solution around. It has to be a consistent commitment that Beasley will probably have to undergo to ease all doubts of his behavior.

I think the most interesting thing about all this is that Beasley may not even START for the Heat this season. The other is that he plays both F spots. If Beasley wasn’t black, or the #2 pick in the 2008 draft, it would have not generated all the attention it has. Because Beasley was a high profile player @ Kansas St, he garnered attention from the anti-19 year olds into the NBA sect because he had a personal problem.

If Beasley beats his issue’s (and let’s face it: He has more than just a few issue’s) and becomes a successful, even All-Star caliber player than I think he will be doing well. But, if Beasley becomes a good player for a number of years, he will hardly be a failure.

What I do know is that Beasley’s problems, both with his twitter account, and substance abuse “issue’s” (if you choose to call smoking pot that) will always be held into context when regarding how successful his NBA career actually is. Is that sad? Absolutely. It’s how the corporate media image thing works though. Welcome to adulthood Michael.

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