Posted by: Kingsguru21 | September 27, 2009

Important linkage (and no Sean May fat jokes included in that)

If you want to see May sort of say he doesn’t care about what people think of his weight, please read on.

This is the money quote if I ever saw one:

“I can guard fives (centers),” he said when asked if he could play the center spot in short stretches when needed. “If you’re talking Yao Ming, then no. He’s just too big…But if you’re talking Kendrick Perkins on the floor with KG (Kevin Garnett), and you’ve got me and Jason Thompson in there, can we guard that? Yeah. You put JT on Kevin, me on Kendrick, or vice versa. It doesn’t matter. There’s a lot off teams playing fours (at five).”

When you aren’t as good as other teams, you need to put your best players on the floor regardless of their natural position. It’s better than the alternative. If there was quality size always available to every team, than it would not be a high commodity in the NBA. Anyway, been there, bitched about that.

The other important link is that the Bee released salary information about every player that they claim is accurate. (I would suggest bookmarking this if you haven’t already seen it, and/or bookmarked it.)

Now, a couple of corrections from the Training Camp Roster post I have to make. (I figure this is as a good a place as any.) The first is Lanny Smith was not a surprise; it’s just that I wasn’t paying attention because I don’t think it matters. (I’ll be shocked if it does.) The second is that I said Lanny Smith played college ball at New Mexico, but I look at Kenny Thomas instead (who did play @ NM). Smith played college ball @ Houston.

Anyway, that’s it.

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