Posted by: Kingsguru21 | September 28, 2009

Thoughts about media day (based off the media’s thoughts)

TZ has great stuff in multiple spots up already at StR and Fanhouse. Worth the read, to catch up, if you haven’t. (Chances are, you have.)

Sam Amick has a great piece, both with video’s he shot for the Bee, and the video from On a side note, I suggest following The Bee on Youtube and/or Facebook. Check out this page to actually do so.

Sean May is succinct and well spoken. I’m really glad that Bobby Jackson and Mike Bibby no longer talk to the camera’s here. They suck at it. (Sorry, it’s true. Don’t take offense. I would suck, too. Just ask my mother.) With Jason Thompson, I suspect they will be getting a lot of chances to interview with many teams, and not just the local media following the Kings on a daily basis. That’s a good thing.

The impression I get, both from TZ’s writeup’s, and Amick’s, is that Geoff Petrie isn’t looking to quite retire just yet. He is looking to fade away with a retirement down the road. This is good news for the Kings on a number of levels. Petrie is very valuable to the franchise, but isn’t there a point where Jason Levien just needs to hold the reins himself if you hired him to be the eventual GM after getting his feet wet on the job for a year & half?

On the other hand, having Levien and Petrie consult together on the job for another year beyond this one would not bother me. Either way, the fact that Levien and Petrie work together is good news for this franchise. As I noted the other day, this franchise doesn’t seem so dysfunctional.

Kevin Martin’s last comment was pretty funny (on the video) about playing with PG’s who think they are 2 guards. That is, as a matter of fact, the actual reality.

Speaking of Desmond Mason, he can join May and Thompson as being accessible to the media. (Note: Being able to talk in a concise way matters.)

While I’m waiting for Mason to finish talking (I’m watching that long video as I write this–I ain’t going to lie to you–it keeps stalling on me), I’ll note that I did hear him talk earlier about wanting to play more than he would have for a contender. The whole point of chasing a ring is TO PLAY for a contender Desmond. Jes’ sayin’ bro.

Paul Westphal can talk. (I can believe TZ’s comment about Westphal’s steel lungs.)

I really have nothing to say about Cisco. (Or, nothing that is worth repeating actually.)

LOL @ Spencer Hawes saying USC is the only football team in LA. (Yes, I know this is a blog and it’s lame to write “LOL”. I don’t care.)

I agree rebounding is effort. I’m not sure what else there is to say. Plus, Pancake Brockman should help in that department.

On a side note, seeing how little actually goes on, I’m glad I would never go to this type of stuff. (On the flip side, I would never be invited. Say la vie…)

I suggest ignoring what Nocioni says. It doesn’t really mean anything in context.

I hope my Spanish isn’t better than Sergio Rodriguez’s English 3 months from now.

I got nothing to say positive about Beno Udrih. That guys practices more ridiculous self deception than Rush Limbaugh does.

Donte Greene is funny. All I got. (By far the most entertaining of those interviewed.)

Jason Thompson cracks me up. “Just having the same coach all year long will help.” You don’t say JT.

Tyreke Evans on Sacramento: “It’s hot out here, but it’s cool.” No shit, Easy Reke. It’s not Philly. Maybe you hadn’t gotten the memo. (Or, maybe you have.) For the record, I was in Sacramento for most of September, and it was not that hot for September during a drought. Jes sayin….

Donte Greene interviewed Jon Brockman. Lordy lord lord.

I’m done with the rest of it. Nothing else is important. (In fact, most of this is not important.) If I learned anything by watching the 1:45 min of tape by, I did learn that I did not miss media day. (Although, I gotta admit seeing Donte live would be more amusing.)

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