Posted by: Kingsguru21 | September 29, 2009

Youtube entry of Paul Westphal talking (shocking I know)

On the other hand, this also comes with an Jason Jones blog entry which is always a nice surprise from my POV. (H/T TZ @ StR.)

If you’re also crazy, Voisin has an interesting entry on Westphal (interesting as it isn’t complete crap). This is really the money quote via Westphal:

I don’t think there’s any generation gap,” Westphal said after Monday’s two-hour media session at the Kings practice facility. “The Idea is to get five players who share the ball, who need to play defense, and try to make more baskets than the other team. There have always been selfish players. There have always been players who know how to sublimate their ego for the good of the team. As far as I can tell, you’re still fighting that fight. You want to get more of the latter and less of the former.”

Also, if you’re interested in some of Westphal’s strategy towards how the Kings will play, watching the video is a must if you want to talk on any remotely intelligent fashion regarding Westphal’s strategy.

UPDATE: Kevin Martin talked today, too. This is Via Kingsflix.

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