Posted by: Kingsguru21 | September 30, 2009

More news, notes

A lot of this stuff is going to be updated throughout rather than me making 800 little posts at a time. So, get used to that in advance. (Plus, I got other shit to do, too.)

Apparently Desmond Mason and Jason Thompson did well last night in practice. This is according to Jason Jones.

Adrian Wojnarowski is telling people via his Twitter account that he’s heard from a source that Evans took a “bad fall”, and that his MRI is negative. I’m sure Amick will confirm. (H/T to Ellimist of StR for finding Woj’s Twitter post first.)

UPDATE: Amazing how I just finished posting something, and an update appears. The Kings have confirmed that it was an “acute patella bruise” and that Evans is day to day. (H/T to Exhibit G of StR for finding the stuff.)

UPDATE 2: Amick now says that Evans has a bone bruise and is day to day.

Key quote from Sam:

Evans had experienced soreness during Tuesday’s workouts and the team took the safe route and ordered the MRI.

That’s good to see. I like safe.

Other News

There’s a lot of good stuff up about the NBA Ref’s strike. A piece from TZ, Chris Tomasson (formerly of the Rocky Mountain News) along with a POV from Kenyon Martin, and Tim Potvak has a piece up as well. This is all from today, or yesterday. If you aren’t checking Fanhouse hourly, I suggest you do if you want this kind of news.

SnP of Canis Hoopus has an interesting list of names that could make an interesting push to join Minnesota’s roster.

Eddy Rivera of 3QC has a massive link posts that includes stat looking at about defense. I suggest reading Third Quarter Collapse for this reason. Both Rivera, and the main editor of 3QC, Ben Q Rock, have lots of links and good stuff to read. It might be worth it for a Kings fan to see how the other half lives and what a team with championship aspirations focus on. (You know, perspective and shit.)

Something that made me laugh was the talk about Vince Carter and headbands for instance.

Anyway, that’s all I got for the moment. With regards to Evans, I will have updates as I find them. (They may be too late and you already know. Which is a 99% probability. But, oh well. Such as the nature of the beast.)

UPDATE: Paul Westphal and Kevin Martin spoke after practice this morning. Via Full Court Press.

Paul Westphal

Kevin Martin

Sean May on his current status (he’s triggered his clause to gain his extra 100K by weighing under 265 by tipping the scales at 261):

Jason Thompson as well:

This should be all the updates. Homework beckons. (Argh.)

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