Posted by: Kingsguru21 | September 30, 2009

Tyreke Evans has a minor knee injury?

Well, the first piece of “interesting” news has happened with Tyreke Evans, and it came within a single day of the “official” beginning of his pro career. There is apparently a minor tweak in Evans’ knee that may have stemmed from a lingering groin injury. This is according to Amick. (H/T to Zach @ Cowbell Kingdom.)

Anyway, all this is going to be is short because I don’t have the time to expand on it if I wanted to, which I don’t anyway. (See, what I did there? Anyway?!?!?)

If you’re going to freak out about this, you may as well wait a week or two (preferably two). Then it becomes a great problem as Evans will need every day in camp to truly knock Beno Udrih out of the starting lineup on Opening Tip in Oklahoma City.

Stay Tuned, foolia’s.

UPDATE: Andres Nocioni admires Mario Elie. (And, apparently the feeling is mutual.) I should be scared, but, I’m not.

UPDATE: Jason Jones says that not only is Evans battling a bit of knee trouble, but so is Melvin Ely now. This is training camp folks. (In other words what does any of this mean? Nothing, yet.)

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