Posted by: Kingsguru21 | October 1, 2009

Links n tidbits

Well, I suppose all this MRI talk about Tyreke Evans wasn’t that big of a deal. He practiced, according to an Amick blog post, last night. Yowzah.

In other news……………

Apparently, Geoff Petrie is safe from the Maloof family according to Gavin. It’s safe to say that this issue is not the one that greatly concerns me at the moment. Jes sayin….

I like this quote:

“You have to be loyal,” Gavin Maloof said. “We were in the playoffs eight straight years. That just doesn’t happen. And Geoff put that team together, so if he did it once, he can do it again. And if we did it once, we can do it again.”

This is worth remembering down the road.

Gavin also spoke out on the issue of relocation, and, well, somebody is lying between John Moag and Gavin Maloof. (Gavin says the Family doesn’t want the Kings to leave Sac. I can believe that. Moag says there’s an urgency to get something done sooner than later. I can believe that, too.) I’ll tell you whom I believe when this issue is finally resolved. (Actually, since the quote was never directly attributed to the Maloof’s, and delivered through Moag, it was likely an idle threat delivered from the Maloof’s through Moag.)

I like this quote:

“This is the market we need to be in,” he said. “Remember, a few years back we were third (in the league) in revenue and gate receipts. We had it going.

“You can make money here. You just have to show a better product, which I’m optimistic that we will.”

Either way, we’ll see what happens. That should be it for now.

UPDATE: Carmichael Dave talked to Beno Udrih apparently. Via Amick @ the Kings blog.

2nd UPDATE: Amick has video up on the Bee blog of Easy Reke talking. As Sam Said, you’re going to need to blast the sound (which means Sam will be loud and you’ll barely hear Reke at full volume) to listen to Easy Reke. As TZ said a few days ago, Reke needs to amplify. (I think he should use a megaphone, myself.)

Here is Omri Casspi via Kingsflix:


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