Posted by: Kingsguru21 | October 3, 2009

Notes from the LiveCast practice

I’m not really sure what will be gained by me watching this, other than seeing the Kings play some 5 on 5. But if I notice nothing, nothing will be noted.

The Black Team: Jon Brockman, Omri Casspi, Melvin Ely, Donte Greene, Lanny Smith, Kenny Thomas, and Kevin Martin. The Black Team is coached by Mario Elie.

The White Team: Beno Udrih, Tyreke Evans, Francisco Garcia, Desmond Mason (they announced him at G–he’s the first to be announced at a position), Sean May, Andres Nocioni,and Jason Thompson. The White Team is coached by Jim Eyen. (Spencer Hawes is not playing tonight.)

Rodriguez, Casspi, K9, Ely and Martin start for the black team. Mason, May, Garcia, Evans and Thompson suit up for the white team.

Nice pass by K9 to Speed for 3.

Martin blocks Mays’ shot on one end, and then takes it coast to coast getting an And1.

White team commits a 24 sec violation.

Melvin Ely travels.

Nice drive by Evans to dish it to JT for a deuce.

Casspi misses a runner in the lane.

White team misses a shot, and Martin mis-fires on an oop attempt.

Evans hits a 3.

K9 hits a 17 footer.

JT gets an O board, and Easy Reke hits a 3.

Black team takes the T(ime)O(ut).

May gets a board, Ely gets a board, JT blocks K9 and a foul on Rodriguez is called.

Cisco gets to the line, but misses the FGA. Misses 1st FT, and makes 2nd.

Nice outlet pass by JT to May who gets a dunk.

Nice Pick & Roll by Rodriguez to Ely. Elys gets 2 FT’s. Foul on May.

Evans penetrates which leads to an eventual driving layup by Garcia.

Rodriguez drives to the line, May picks up the foul. Makes first, and second.

Mason drives on K9, and gets to the line. Mason makes first, second.

White Squad wins 15-11. That’s end of the first game.

2nd Game

Black Team wins tip, and Casspi drives hard to the cup forcing a foul. Truck Robinson is now the new head coach for the White Squad.

JT hits a jumper over Brockman. (it was a nice turn around move)

Beno passes to JT who tries to dunk it, but is basically kept from being able to get the ball down clean with a hard foul on Brockman. (I expect we will see a lot of that from Brockman.) JT makes 1st FT, misses 2nd.

Greene drives to the basket, and gets fouled (on Garcia). No FT’s awarded though.

Brockman hits a deep top of the key jumper.

Nice pass from JT to Cisco who hits a J in the lane.

Nice defense on Beno who knocked the ball out of Sergio’s hands. Black team gets the ball back.

After a sequence (where Noc falls down trying to get the ball back), Rodriguez gets into the lane and hits a layup.

Jon Brockman gets a loose ball foul. Might I remind this is a scrimmage? (Tough hombre, no?)

Time out.

Brockman beats Noc off the dribble and scores the hoop.

Cisco gets blocked, maybe by Brockman, and then on the other end Brockman gets fouled shooting a J by Cisco. Misses both FT’s though.

Nice pass from Cisco to JT, but a foul is called before the pass on Brockman. Side out to White team.

Nice pass from Rodriguez to Greene, but he fumbled the ball. (Donte had a layup if he catches the ball cleanly.)

Brockman scores again with an assist from Rodriguez.

Beno scores a deuce in the lane.

Decent hedge defense on Beno which allowed Jt to knock the ball outta Rodriguez’s hands.

May hits a long angle deuce.

Timeout Black Team.

Rodriguez behind a series of picks gets in the lane and a deuce to go with it.

May gets to the line off a foul from K9. Makes the first, and 2nd.

An oop from Rodriguez to Casspi. (Pretty play.)

Donte dives after a ball loose on the floor, but loses it out of bounds.

Noc gets a blocking foul from K9. Noc shoots 2, misses 1st, and makes 2nd (after a nice carom).

Brockman finishes strong inside getting a deuce (over 2 defenders).

Time Out White team.

Rodriguez steals the ball, and hits a layup. Black Team wins the 2nd game 16-12.

3rd Game

Brockman puts in a miss by Ely back up & in. (Brockman has been the star so far.)

JT gets an And1. Ely with the foul. JT makes the FT.

Nice pass off a drive by Evans to Noc who hits a baseline deuce.

Noc hits a 3 off a pass by JT.

Greene drives to the bucket, and gets fouled by Mason. Makes 1st, 2nd.

Nice pass by Lanny Smith to Melvin Ely who got fouled by JT. (Foul saved a layup.) Ely misses both FT’s.

Beautiful layup by Easy Reke, but he missed it.

Donte gets to the line with a Mason foul. Makes 1st, 2nd.

Mason gets fouled by Brockman, makes 1st FT, misses 2nd FT.

Donte misses a flashy putback dunk. (I think he should have layed it up.)

JT makes a nice little half hook in the lane.

Martin misses a layup, but Brockman gets a putback.

Evans steals the ball from Lanny Smith and gets an easy dunk. (First time I’ve seen him dunk actually.)

Donte misses a 3, Brockman gets the O-Board, and then throws it so far back that it becomes an over & back. Aye Carumba!

Evans drives and gets fouled. JT gets tied up, and jump ball is called. (This game is being ref’d.)

JT wins the Jump Ball against Lanny Smith.

Beno hits a Jump Shot and White wins the game.

4th Game

Martin hits a 3.

Evans hits an ugly looking long 2. (I hope he doesn’t take many of those during the season. Ouch.)

Shot clock violation in part because Rodriguez wouldn’t take a 3. Oh well, Reke blocked his shot too, but that doesn’t matter.

Martin misses a shot badly off the backboard, but K9 cleans up the board and scores.

Mason scores inside.

Brockman misses an ugly turnaround J.

Mason hits a J.

Cisco hits a layup off an Evans pass after penetration. (I imagine we will see a lot of that.)

Martin gets to the line. Makes 1st FT, makes 2nd.

Noc hits a deep 2 from the top of the key.

Martin draws a foul on May deep on the perimeter. (Typical foul.) Makes 1st and 2nd.

Mason gets a layup off a pass from Evans. (He penetrates. Expect that a lot in the regular season.)

Lanny Smith gets trapped on the sideline (near the halfcourt line) and has to call TO to retain possession. Then in typical fashion, Cisco slaps Smith lightly on the head and screams, “Yeah!”

(The moment next I can barely describe, but Cisco was messing around dribbling the ball between his legs, and a 5 year old kid took the ball from him. Funny moment.)

Donte misses a layup inside.

Martin drives inside and gets fouled by Cisco. (Actually K9 gets fouled. Makes 1st, 2nd.)

Noc makes a move inside and gets fouled by K9. Misses 1st FT, makes 2nd.

Noc gets a layup off an Evans drive, and White wins the game 16-11.

5th Game

Martin hits a J.

May hits a turnaround angle perimeter J.

Casspi hits a layup.

(There is actual booing going on over a call. It’s a scrimmage folks….)

Brockman hits another top of the key J. (He’s been the star of the scrimmage.)

Casspi steals the ball, delivers a pass to Maritn who passes to Brockman who gets fouled by May. Hits 1st FT, misses 2nd.

Martin hits a 3.

Beno hits a J in the lane.

Martin hits another J.

Donte dives for a ball, and calls TO saving possession for White squad.

Evans drives to the basket, gets fouled. Evans misses both FT’s.

Beno gets a layup.

Brockman lays out Mason, and has a smile of ” Who me? Not me” on his face. Yes, Jon, you.

Rodriguez passes to Casspi who gets an And1. Udrih picks up the foul. Casspi makes the FT

Black team wins game.

6th Game

Rodriguez hits a 3.

JT goes in for a layup, misses, and gets the o-board and a putback.

(There is a shot of May on a bicycle while he’s out of the game. Apparently conditioning has been an issue with May even though his weight has not.)

Noc hits a deuce.

Brockman is a rebound machine inside. MACHINE!

JT hits an angle 17 footer.


Cisco gets a layup.

Mason throws down a pretty reverse dunk off a Beno pass.

Rodriguez hits a 3.


Nice oop to Mason from Beno. (Play of the scrimmage so far.)

K9 puts in a putback layup.

Brockman, after breaking up the play defensively, runs down the floor and getes a layup off a feed from Rodriguez.


Mason hits a layup.

Lanny Smith hits an angle J. (I think those are his first points.)

Beno hits a J, and Game is over. White wins game.

Game 7

Evans gets fouled, hits 1st FT, 2nd.

24 shot clock violation. (Both teams have gotten sloppier as the scrimmage has gone on.)

Noc hits a side pop.

Brockman gets fouled by May. Makes 1st FT, 2nd.

Rodriguez makes a layup.

JT gets a dunk off an Evans feed.

Martin at the FT line, makes 1st, 2nd.

Reke gets 2 FT’s and hits both (I think).

Brockman makes a pass inside to Melvin Ely who gets a basket and a foul. Ely makes the FT.

May cleans up an errant Noc shot by getting a layup.

Martin gets fouled, hits the 1st FT, 2nd FT.

Black wins the game.

The scrimmage is now over.


Thoughts? Brockman can clear the glass, and I would be pretty surprised if he didn’t lead the team in Per Minute rebounding for the upcoming season. JT was very effective because no one else has the size to combat him. That’s going to be a problem I imagine all year long, and, unfortunately, there isn’t a real solution on the horizon. It’s one reason why the Kings will lose a lot of games.

One thing Brockman did show is that he might become reliable from the top of the key with his J. (He finished inside pretty well. But, that means nothing in a scrimmage.)

Donte had a bad offensive game, but defensively he did get after it some.

Reke can get inside on anybody. It’s only a question of how often, and what offensive sets he achieves these type of plays in.

At times Brockman played well, the play of the game (as noted in the game notes) was an alley-oop from Beno Udrih to Desmond Mason.

Omri Casspi made little impact. He has many ways to go.

Kevin Martin can score. A shock I know.

Cisco did what Cisco does.

I mentioned it briefly, and it wasn’t surprising after hearing Paul Westphal mention it on the Rise Guys, but Sean May has serious conditioning issue’s. It isn’t the weight really; it’s something about his endurance. That’s going to be a problem getting minutes. If he can’t go consistently for 5 minutes at a time during an NBA game, I imagine Jon Brockman will soak up many of those minutes. This particular development, and the after-shocks of it should be interesting to follow.

I also think that if Brockman doesn’t get minutes at the 4 or 5, Nocioni definitely will get some of his minutes at the 4. If Noc is traded, than I think Greene will get those minutes. Either way, the one thing the Kings do not lack is 3 or 4’s on this squad. They have plenty.

Udrih played well defensively, and did some good things offensively too. He could be effective if he has the right mindset and plays with the right group of players on a consistent basis. I know Beno isn’t popular right now, and for good reason, but he can contribute to this team in the long run. The question is will he. There is no way a scrimmage will answer that question.

It was impossible for me to tell how much coaching was going on, but I get the sense that these guys were instructed to run plays based on what they saw as they were playing. I think that’s a good thing because there is no way that heavy instruction would have worked in this setting. As Paul Westphal said at the beginning, it was mostly a public scrimmage. At times it got sloppy, but I expected that. If anything, it could have been much worse.

I do think there was a lot of experimenting going on. Offensively, I would not be surprised to see one of these players on the floor at all times to keep the flow: Evans, Martin, Garcia, Thompson, Hawes, Nocioni or Udrih (I know, I know). Everyone else I think will have to prove offensive worth.

Sergio Rodriguez can’t shoot very well, and he generally passes up shots on the perimeter. That is going to provide problems for the Kings if he plays a lot of minutes. If they get up & down a lot, it won’t matter. Hopefully the Kings are running like the Bulls in Badalona when Sergio is in the game.

My last thoughts are that nothing concrete should be taken out of this scrimmage. More realistic (and useful) thoughts will be doled out in the first month of the actual regular season than any thought conjured up during pre-season and/or from this scrimmage. If anything, at this point, my thoughts are based off gut instinct having watched most of these players in one setting or another in the past. It’s good to get a feel for some guys and what they are doing, but it really doesn’t mean much. While I appreciate the Kings opening this scrimmage up to the public, it’s extremely bitter-sweet given the news today that no Pre-Season games are going to be televised in the Sacramento area.

That being said, it does provide some back drop into what the Kings may be thinking in regards to certain decisions on players. (Sean May and Desmond Mason are two good examples as any.)

If I’ve learned anything this pre-season, Paul Westphal has taken the press responsibilities of his job very seriously. He is doing everything he can to be as accessible and forthcoming as possible. Given how flip Reggie Theus was with the media at times, and how oreo-boring Eric Musselman was, this is a nice change.

I could have spent 2 1/2 hours doing something better, but I struggle to say what. Now it’s time to go to sleep.



  1. The thing that impressed me is how well Evans was running and leading the team as a pg. He made his best plays when he dished very good assists.
    Dontè played quite bad on offense, but he seemed to me he has taken very seriously his defensive role.

    • Yeah that impressed me too. Evans seemed very conscious of trying to find ways to set up his teammates. I don’t know how that will transpire in future games, but I’m interested to see that happen.

      Yeah, I think Ed said it best over at StR in 214’s recap: Donte is not playing well, and Omri Casspi is not anywhere near that level yet.

      There is time for Casspi, and Donte’s greatest worth will be on the defensive end this year. I actually thought his shot is okay, and can be consistently better when he finds a stroke that is sustainable every time he raises up.

      We shall see, as always.

      • I also think that, if everyone continue saying “Hey, Dontè can’t play offense” the guy will limit himself in his head with the pressure he’s taking on his shoulder. He should just do simple things, and the shooting will come to him.

        The main thing about Evans is how much he has grown as a playmaker during the summer. I remember when in Vegas he showed a lot of penetrations and offensive skill, while yesterday he showed ALSO that he can find his teammates everywhere and can deliver good passes

        • I’m not too worried about Donte’s confidence. He’s a NBA player, and you don’t get there without having some level of confidence. What I liked was that Donte didn’t press despite the bad shooting day. (Well, he didn’t press for the most part.)

          As far as Evans, I’m not sure how many comparisons can be made from VSL to a scrimmage against your team. The 2 are not even remotely the same. Useful in many ways, but comparable? Eh, I’m not quite sure.

          I believe you’re right that Evans will do everything in his power to include his teammates when he has the ball in his hands. The question is how often can he do so? We shall see.

          At the very least, Evans is a guy whose physical attributes will make it impossible to guard him.

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