Posted by: Kingsguru21 | October 5, 2009

Paul Westphal is shaking things up, literally

After a slow Sunday for news, apparently Paul Westphal wanted to make sure mouthpiece’s like me had something to say on an otherwise slow Monday.

Spencer Hawes is not starting tomorrow night.

Apparently there isn’t a reason, other than Paul Westphal is shaking things up. Which is, I’ll admit, I think a pretty interesting tact. I’m interested to see the hysteria this creates as I’m sure Kings Fan will have something to say. The reality?

Check out Spencer Hawes’ quote:

“I didn’t know that (he was coming off the bench), but that’s (Westphal’s) decision,” Hawes said. “We’ll see. I’d say (it surprised me) a little bit. It’s not my decision.”

Yeah, that’s called being thrilled. All I have to say to Spencer is: show up to VSL next time.

As far as what this means, I have no idea. I would not be shocked to see a rotating lineup of different players in the starting lineup, other than JT, where you see different guys at the 3 & 5 for each game starting. It’s a long pre-season (8 games), and a very long regular season (82 games). If anything convinces Paul Westphal of what his starting lineup should be, I’d be shocked. He has said numerous times (from what I’ve seen in print) that he’s open to what his starting lineup will be.

The interesting thing here is that I wonder will it even matter? Hawes had a minor injury for a few days, and this is perhaps Westphal’s way of trying to ease Hawes back into the lineup. (I’m sure when Westphal hears the quote, he’ll laugh.)

If you ask me, this seems big, but, in reality, is not. There are plenty of reasons, reasoning, and time to settle the dust appropriately between now and October 28th. How will this turn out? I have no idea. But, it’s hard for me to believe that one game means much one way or the other at this point.

Then again, this could be the beginning of an epic coaching job that we couldn’t see because the genius was so unparalleled that mere mortals couldn’t begun to contemplate it until it actually happened.

Or, it could just mean the previous 500 words written means I’m full of shit. You decide, America.


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