Posted by: Kingsguru21 | October 6, 2009

Kings lose to Blazers — 98 to 86–T minus 6 games and counting until TV mode resumes

I would love to tell you more than that, but unfortunately the geniuses across the NBA decided that pre-season wasn’t important enough for us to talk about.

So, you get the box score. Discuss.

You get the game recap. Discuss.

Check out this wonderful quote by Paul Westphal:

“I’m encouraged by some things. I’m discouraged by some things,” Westphal said. “But in general it was a good first step.”

Have I told you that I didn’t get to listen to the game or watch it on TV? Oh, you already knew that. Moving on. (Yes, I’m bitter.)

In the morning, Ben Golliver of Blazers Edge will probably have a game recap because he’s lucky enough to live in Portland. (He also had a live thread on Bedge. I imagine TZ will do something similar tomorrow. Then again, he might not.)

And, again, this is the problem. The NBA views pre-season as a waste of money. They don’t like it. Yet, they won’t eliminate them because teams do want to evaluate talent. The NBA has decided, mid-stream, partly because of the economy (or it’s just an excuse), that the best way to save money is eliminate cheap broadcasting capability during the regular season.

I don’t expect that the NBA had a full camera crew covering the game. But one camera like in the Vegas Summer League would have been fine, and I’m pretty sure they could have come up with some kind of package.

Of course, by doing this it also makes the teams offering their fans actual coverage look bad by offering their services for free. How dare the Mavericks, Lakers, and Knicks show all their games to their fans? What are they thinking?

This situation stinks like the replacement referee’s. Nothing good will come of this, and the NBA, particularly Stern, will regret this type of action if the league folds in part because fans couldn’t trust the product of the league any longer. (The NBA already has too many conspiracy theories that are complete bullshit as is.) It’s not like the NBA is anywhere near folding, but it does happen. The NBA is not essential to living; it’s entertainment. No matter how many times it’s argued, the first thing that will go is entertainment. Is entertainment and diversions important? Absolutely. The problem is that if no one has a job, TV or radio to enjoy it, how important will any of it be? (I don’t think the apocolypse is coming, okay?)

I don’t expect the NBA to agree with me. I don’t expect the owners (a bunch of greedy billionaires) to agree with me. I’m a fan, and guess what, I don’t care about the owner’s profit. Most fan’s don’t in fact.

The reality is, though, that owners won’t bother to change their views towards ownership. They see their teams as money makers, and that’s what they’ll continue to see them as. Any way they can increase revenue, they will. Players will support that because they know it will mean more money for them. The owners, David Stern in particular, and the players are all somewhat to blame for the current situation.

However, none of that is the fan’s fault. By punishing the fans, all you’re doing is setting yourself up for failure. Way to go Paul Allen, Maloof Family, Stern, and the NBA. Swell job you’re doing of taking care of your customer’s. Perhaps you would be better off telling them to go fuck themselves on a 10 foot pole.

In case you don’t like my last paragraph (or it’s anger/cynicism), you can watch the highlights here.

(P.S. I’m really cranky because I got screwed both ways. I got screwed with no TV, and no radio.)


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