Posted by: Kingsguru21 | October 6, 2009

No TV coverage tonight from the Blazers or Kings

Apparently, as I noted yesterday with other teams, there isn’t going to be any TV coverage from Portland or Sacramento’s angle. (Which is a shame, because I sort of saw Dallas-Orlando last night over the Web. I didn’t mind that because I like O-Town, but, still, my hometown team? Yeah. This sucks.)

So, in case you are wondering why? Well, check out the reasoning Portland won’t be broadcasting their games. It is about as good as the Maloof reasoning.

So, yeah, go apeshit now. (Feel free to call owners greedy assholes who don’t give a shit about nothing. I wish I could turn in my fan pass right now. I know I can’t, but it still sucks. I hope the owners lose money over this and then try to blame the fans for not showing up. I can’t wait for that excuse.)

Amick has a post on the Bee Blog about the teams with, and without TV coverage during pre-season. I’m shocked at which teams are showing the games, and which teams aren’t.


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