Posted by: Kingsguru21 | October 7, 2009

Blazers-Kings rematch (T Minus 6 games and counting until TV mode turns back on)

Read TZ’s preview if you haven’t. Other than that, fuck off. I got math to do.

(Because I was angry, I left this message at Full Court Press:

I don’t wish to be offensive, but this recent decision (not just the Kings but a lot of NBA teams) has put all their out of town fans right in the cold. Thanks a lot, it’s truly appreciated.

I could live with this decision but the reality is that I’m being shut out of both radio and TV because I don’t live in market. It’s not my fault that the NBA suddenly has changed their course, and if they pull this shit in the future I’m probably going to abandon them. Last night was no fun to follow a game, see conjecture or pretty much do anything but crack jokes for that reason.

If the NBA ownership and management doesn’t understand that, they should just close shop. Games are not just for fans in town anymore. I thought the NBA was global, nein?


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