Posted by: Kingsguru21 | October 7, 2009

News n Tibbits

Just in case, in the off chance, you haven’t read the following places already, I suggest doing so.

Zach Harper at Cowbell Kingdom has a great resource for lineup’s today. He writes out every lineup that got time in his recap at CK.

TZ has another great recap piece at Sactown Royalty as well. (Shocking I know.)

Amick has his recap up, plus some notes on Sergio Rodriguez.

Full Court Press has their recap up, too.

Tyreke Evans talking about the game afterwards:

I suspect you will, as people like TZ and Amick already know, Evans is the worst interviewee on Earth. He learned his cliche’s from Crash Davis, I can promise you that.

If you enjoy douchebaggery, here is Grant Napear’s pre-game talk through (Note: Gerould’s conversation lasted like 3 mins; Napear’s less than a min):

Finally, Iron Lungs talks about the game:

Last but not least, a TZ Fanhouse special if you thought all of that Kings stuff wasn’t enough, try owning a team that may have their jet seized next week.

UPDATE: Ben Golliver has his game report from last night. Ben, unlike myself, was at the arena. Keep in mind it’s from a Blazers perspective, as it should be, and is not necessarily Kings related. You should still read it though.

UPDATE 2: Amick has great thoughts on the Bee Blog about last night. There is a ton of stuff on Casspi’s night. It’s absolutely worth the read if you haven’t done so.


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