Posted by: Kingsguru21 | October 10, 2009

Multi-Tasking Saturday for your pleasure

Since I’ve not written anything since Wednesday (on purpose), I chose to leave it until I felt moved to write something. Since then, Donte Greene didn’t play in Wednesday’s contest, Francisco Garcia broke his arm yesterday lifting weights, and there is more blah blah coverage of a Kings possible move to San Jose. (Another post forthcoming a bit later today.) All of this will be discussed, if not more if I can find a reasonable way to fit it in.


With regards to Donte, I think it says a ton that he didn’t play Wednesday. When Omri Casspi had a good 4th qtr showing, that really didnt help matters either. The funny thing here is that it may not matter in the long run.

I’m of the opinion that unless PW and Donte can figure out a niche that works for the team and Donte right now, which includes a consistent pre-set notion of minutes, the best place for Donte is the NBDL even without Francisco Garcia around. I’m not sure practice is the thing Donte lacks at this point. The NBDL is really an option for Donte because he’s still a project (by any account) that needs playing time to develop.

His best moments last year came with consistent amounts of playing time. I don’t think that will change unless his mentality changes. What do you think the chances of that are?

Following up the NBDL concerns, though, I do wonder, along with TZ earlier this year, that the Kings would be willing to let Donte go down for a month or so at a time to get some rhythm and game time.

I find it pretty mind-boggling that GP & Co. hasn’t looked at the NBDL closely (I think this is partly because they don’t want to spend money on a player and have him not on the active roster–it means you have to pay someone else to take that spot) for a variety of reasons.

When you decided to trade Ron Artest, which included Donte Greene in the package, along with the draft pick that became Omri Casspi, you did so because you thought you had talent on your hands. Greene was young, the Kings had time as they were rebuilding, and you thought it was reasonable that Greene could become a quality player down the road.

It didn’t happen that way last season for the Kings. In fact, the preferred approach bombed almost immediately from the start on GP & Co. Which is why you have an average age of 25 or so for a Kings roster this season. 8 players all quality as 25 or younger: Tyreke Evans, Donte Greene, Omri Casspi, Spencer Hawes, Jon Brockman, Jason Thompson, Sergio Rodriguez, and Sean May. Kevin Martin is 27 as is Francisco Garcia.

At some point, why the Kings wouldn’t consider the NBDL as a way to keep Greene as an useful asset is important. Under current NBA rules, the Kings can send Greene to the NBDL without losing his rights. They won’t be able to do so during his 3rd NBA season. So, why not?

The other part of this is cost. At some point, let’s say Donte develops. (I’m not saying it will happen.) He will still be cheap (he’ll make about a mil & half during his 4th NBA season assuming the Kings–or another NBA team if he is traded before that point– picks up that option) and it might make trading Beno Udrih easier.

The Maloof’s, if nothing else, have proven that money is a huge part of the equation. They would have never done the trades last February if that was the case.

Hopefully Donte Greene’s development happens in the NBDL, or he gets minutes because he has earned them. If that doesn’t happen, it’ll be a shame that the Kings failed to act on an opportunity to develop a cheap, and useful, asset.


Francisco Garcia breaking his arm was Bad News Bears for the Kings in several ways. First, he was bound to have an useful role playing alongside Tyreke Evans in the backcourt. Because he can play PG, SG, and SF that gave Paul Westphal (PW) a big chance to create a workable lineup.

Now, depending on how long Garcia is out (estimates are not giving a timetable; but don’t be surprised i f it’s at least 3 months–I have broken my wrist before so that’s why I say what I did–but I was much younger–I was 17 at the time and I’m not a professional athlete) this could be bad news.

Do I think it will have great long term impact? Only if Garcia continues to get hurt. It was a freak accident (or that’s what the Kings are saying right now) and I’m going to continue to assume that is the case.

It’s unfortunate timing, to say the least, that the Kings are not going to have one of their more popular, and versatile, players to start the season. This was one of the problems that the Kings had last season as they missed Cisco’s versatility and energy to start the season. Hopefully, when he does come back, he’ll be able to stay in shape (he can still run) while he’s out and do what he can in that way. I’m sure he will, as Geoff Petrie noted in Amick’s video on the Bee blog, as he’s considered to be a diligent worker.

I don’t think anybody is happy with development, and we should probably leave it at that.


Video of the Kings doing charity work if that interests you.


This is a bit of an update, even though I hadn’t posted this yet, but as TZ said at StR, it appears that Garcia will be out for 4 months, at least. I posted this at StR already in the comments, but a wrist injury will change how Garcia shoots the ball coming off the injury. As I mentioned in the earlier part of the Garcia portion, I’ve broken my wrist (although my incident wasn’t as glorious as an exercise ball popping), and I can honestly tell you it will be something that Garcia will not quickly get over. This isn’t something that’s going to impact his next 4 months; it’s going to impact the rest of his life (in terms of his range of motion with the wrist). Anyone who has broken a wrist can tell you that. Now it’s true that he probably won’t feel it much eating a steak or digging a ditch. But shooting a basketball is something he will feel this consistently, and I guarantee that unless it heals perfectly, it will be a problem.

That being said, I’m not a doctor and the only problems I’ve ever really had where I had real issue’s was doing pushup’s. I haven’t done many pushup’s recently, but even then the wrist never stopped me from doing them. (The fact it was my left hand, and I’m right handed, does help. That isn’t the case for Francisco.) Garcia should be fine. But, part of Garcia’s worth as a player is that he can shoot. I’ll be shocked if his shooting isn’t off for at least 6 months until he can feel comfortable. Having that cast on will mean atrophy, and that’s going to take some rehab just to shake the rust off. Hopefully none of what I said happens, and I’m praying for that. (Except the atrophy. That’s a guarantee. Atrophy, twinkies, cockroaches are probably the few things guaranteed to last a nuclear winter.) Mostly for Garcia this will be an inconvenience. But what do I know?

What do I know? This is shitty news for a franchise desperately looking for some good news. None of this mentions how Garcia and his feelings relate to this. And, unfortunately, that’s really the only piece of news that’s truly pertinent here. Unfortunately. Another lost season for Garcia is what this all really amounts to.

So, in closing, this is how I feel about the news of Cisco: Fuckety fuck fuck fuck.


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