Posted by: Kingsguru21 | October 18, 2009

Tasty middle of the night linkage

Well, maybe for you when you wake up. For me, middle of the night. And so it goes detective lieutenant….

Full Court Press has a lot of quotes from both the Kings and Warriors. This was the quote that made me laugh from Monta Ellis:

On not hitting his jump shots tonight: “It was just going in and out. That is my shot. I make that shot 90% of the time but it just wasn’t going down. It wasn’t my night.”

If I actually have to spend more time than just laughing at this, I don’t know what to say. Monta Ellis’ game IS DEFINITELY NOT his Jump Shot.

Jason Jones had a piece (off the Bee Blog) on why Desmond Mason will end up being the starter.

Here is the money quote on that:

“I thought (Saturday night) even though Desmond didn’t shoot the ball well he was a big reason we were able to win the game,” Westphal said. “He was part of the group in the first quarter that got us off to the big lead. In the fourth quarter when no one else could guard Corey Maggette he did a real professional job on him.”

Translation: We need a veteran presence when our kids are not up to the standards we need on a given night. Other translation: Noc, step up or get lost.

Sam Amick has some notes (not the game story by Jason Jones) about Donte Greene. The money quote:

Greene’s sometimes-reckless shot selection was a point of contention for former coaches Reggie Theus and Kenny Natt, and is threatening his role again with Westphal. That much was clear in Tuesday’s practice, when an ill-advised fadeaway three-pointer led to a candid warning from Westphal about the damage Greene was doing to his standing.

That explains why he didn’t play vs the Lakers. It was punishment. (If that wasn’t obvious already.) On the other hand, perhaps last night was a good olive branch to show PW that Donte is interested in contributing in whatever way he can do so for the roster. It’s a start.

Amick also has a blog post about the Kings numbers game, and it’s quite the doozy. Jon Brockman is a Twitter star. Yes, you heard that correctly. A twitter “star”. But, as Amick noted, don’t piss the Brockman off:

During his senior season, a rival Washington State player had been crank calling Brockman’s cell phone incessantly but forgot to block the number. After Washington downed Washington State – with Brockman tallying seven points and 18 rebounds – he shared the player’s cell phone number with his followers and implored them to call and gloat about the win.

Jason Jones has his recap, and not surprisingly, it talks quite a bit about Jason Thompson. But, this made me laugh:

“I’d rather someone not tell me so I can keep getting more boards,” Thompson said.

I’d rather someone not tell him so he can grab 20 boards every night and be Bill Russell Jr. Whose with me?

Okay, that’s it. (I know it’s light. Sue me.)


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