Posted by: Kingsguru21 | October 20, 2009

Kings at Suns (T minus 3 games until TV mode turns back on)

Well, tonight, the Kings are at Phoenix. Since i won’t be able to listen to it on the radio (along with not being able to see it on TV), I’ll just write this.

What a crappy way to build hype for a young, and seemingly, pretty talented team with an upside for the future. There are a lot of people who will go to the games, but a lot of people who can’t.

What’s truly mind-boggling to me, and I don’t think I’m alone here, is why you can’t get the Kings audio online on KHTK 1140. I can understand why during the regular season because of Audio Pass, but don’t you want your fans to at least CARE about the pre-season? (And, I wouldn’t pay for a package to listen to the Kings during pre-season. It’s not worth the money based on principle alone. I won’t pay for everything just to make it mroe worthwhile to pay for the team.) Plus, it’s not just the Kings. The Suns don’t stream their audio online for their out of town fans for, I’m assuming, the same reasons. It’s clearly not just the Maloof’s or the Kings. It’s a choice of certain markets to limit their audio as part of a standard operating procedure.

Whether that’s an NBA decision (I doubt this is the case unless the Warriors are breaking the rules; again I doubt this), or whether it’s a Maloof/KHTK decision, it’s a stupendous one. I have no problem listening to Tim Roye and Jim Barnett do the game; I’d just rather listen to Gary Gerould during the pre-season if I don’t have a choice because I want the Kings perspective. Again, Roye & Barnett are fine, but they do the game for THEIR fans.

I also refuse to give the Maloof’s an out because OTHER owners (like Paul Allen with the Blazers and Robert Sarver with the Suns) are doing the same thing. It’s a stupid decision to not put a little out that costs you virtually nothing.

When I have to listen to the game via audio from opposing viewpoints rather than the team I root for, I find this overwhelmingly churlish, stupid, and pretty much less reason to care. This is the first pre-season in years where I was really excited about the team’s future and had the opportunity to pay attention at the same time. Now, I recognize that’s my issue. But, I’m not alone. There are probably thousand of Kings fans who are like me, and the amount of them that may be like me and not live in the 1140 broadcast area?

I can already see the response from the Maloof’s end: Well, it costs money to broadcast audio, and if you don’t live in the market you don’t have that luxury of complaining. Wrong. I do have that luxury. It’s a stupid decision that doesn’t really cost you anything more than what it costs you to broadcast the games over the radio to in-market fans now, and it’s a very easy way to make in-roads with your out of market fans. (I could buy apparel from you people, but I already got screwed once and I’m not doing it again.)

Maybe OTHER out of market fans don’t care as much as I do. I can live with that. It just seems pointless to offer one thing to your in-town fans (besides going to the games) that you wouldn’t offer to your out of town fans at the same time.

Stupid business decisions after stupid business decisions. Raise your glass towards the all corporate all the time Pro Sports arena that is currently the NBA (and all Major League sports)! 3 cheers! Hip Hip Hooray!


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