Posted by: Kingsguru21 | October 21, 2009

Kings release Melvin Ely and Lanny Smith with other notes

In a move that surprises exactly noone with any knowledge of the roster, the Kings via a press release announced they waived Melvin Ely and Lanny Smith.

Via the Press Release:

The Kings updated roster now stands at 14 players.

I think this is the first admission that Desmond Mason is now officially a part of the roster, and that’s a move that surprises no-one.

Given that Paul Westphal hadn’t played either Ely or Smith much up to this point, it makes a good deal of sense that you would release both and let them look for opportunities elsewhere. I never expected much out of either with regards to this roster, but good luck to both of them.

In other news, if you want to watch a guy (or two) paint the walls, watch this:

Jason Jones has a game story, notes on Jon Brockman, and a blog post on Omri Casspi.

Full Court Press has game-reaction quotes from Westphal, Martin, Casspi, Suns Head Coach Alvin Gentry and Steve Nash.

By some miracle in case you hadn’t seen it, here is the video of all this jabber-jocking by PW:

Bright Side of the Sun head blogger Phoenix Stan wasn’t any more thrilled with the officiating INSIDE the building than they any of us were listening to Gary Gerould on the radio and/or watching the game on ESPN Gamecast. Suns Stuff’T has a pretty different view. Valley of the Suns has a press conference of Alvin Gentry in case you care about the Suns POV.

That’s all I got.

UPDATE 1: New Timberwolves coach Kurt Rambis is predictably having early trouble installing some modified elements of the triangle offense he learned under Phil Jackson and Tex Winter in Los Angeles. The Wolves are next to last, ahead of only Miami, in assists, and relating the difficulty of “learning a new system” has become a postgame mantra in the locker room. The triangle requires spontaneous reads of opponents’ reactions, nuanced adjustments that take months for even the smartest, most talented players. But the greater question is whether the Wolves have the personnel to make even rudimentary parts of the system work. The triangle is generally thought to require accurate perimeter shooters and a big man who can foster ball movement. Minnesota is shooting 28 percent (21-of-75) from behind the arc, and low-post stud Al Jefferson has only four assists in 116 minutes.

Makes you glad the Kings wanted Rambis didn’t it? (Sometimes it’s better to be lucky than good.)

UPDATE 2: Video of Tyreke Evans in transistion vs Golden State and passing the ball to JT vs Golden State

With a HT to betweentheeyes of StR, the folks posted who they think about who is the potential Rookie of the Year. (Easy Reke got 4 votes, and Blake Griffin got 6. I’ll take that.)


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