Posted by: Kingsguru21 | October 23, 2009

Pre-season is over and I don’t care who lost (Kings lost to the Jazz 95-85)

Pre-season is over! The stupidity that is pre-season is over! The Kings lost and pre-season is over! Pre-Season is over! I don’t give a shit about pre-season, and don’t have to pretend it matters! Pre-season is over!

Tonight, at Arco Arena, the Jazz kicked the shit out of the Kings. Since they’ve been physical for the last 20+ years, this came as a surprise to no-one. Apparently, the Jazz are still a good team as they won 50 games a year ago, and managed to play their best player, Deron Williams, about 40 minutes for the last game on the Jazz pre-season schedule.

So ask me if I care about the Jazz winning. (Hell no. Hell fucking no. Pre-season is over!) I’m not going to quote the boxscore, I’m not going to attempt to analyze a game I didn’t see but had the opportunity to listen to one of the world’s worst radio announcers, David Locke. He told this amazing story about one time when he was with Kevin Calabro in Seattle, and this friend from the Dominican Republic you see, and it’s so amazing that he’s a boxscore keeper. I mean, AMAZING! (Or, something.)

It’s over. Spencer Hawes had a shitty game (missed a lot of FT’s), Tyreke Evans had a good game (not surprisingly), and Jon Brockman was effective (again not surprising). Kevin Martin didn’t play due to an ankle tweak (wonder why the Kings might be sensitive about that), and the Kings missed Martin. (Shocking, you mean that they would miss 1 of their 2 best players? Shocking.)

Donte Greene took some bad shots, and got pulled. He didn’t play again. Omri aka “3Bomb-ri” Casspi played okay for a rookie playing the Jazz for the first time. Tyreke Evans he is not, though. He is the first Israeli drafted in the 1st round and to get playing time in the NBA though. I want to make sure that everyone knows this because it’s not already well known already. Like, really now. (I have the over/under set on 4 years before people stop mentioning that. I wish I could blame David Locke for that, but every single announcer in every single game mentions it.)

Tyreke Evans played 38 mins, and had 7 Turnover’s. Unacceptable for a rookie of his caliber. (Except, shit happens. Like, the Utah Jazz happened tonight for instance.)

Pre-season is over, the real games start next Tuesday (thankfully), and it’s time to get the real season cranked into gear.

Can you dig it? (More tomorrow on what we learned–seriously–from this pre-season.)

UPDATE 1: Bobby Jackson’s retirement was announced. Video is below.

I will say though, it’s kinda funny that you see the end of the clip, and the announcer today is saying ,” Sergio Rodriguez at the line shooting a free throw plus one….”

If that isn’t the perfect description of how quickly things change, I don’t know what is.

UPDATE 2: The actual press conference of Bobby Jackson before the game.


Audio quotes are up, and it’s interesting to listen to PW.


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