Posted by: Kingsguru21 | October 23, 2009

Tasty Linkage–Midnight Edition

Since I’m up, and since some juicy stuff has been released already, I suppose now is the time to pass it along.

Apparently Paul Westphal thinks highly of Omri Casspi, and liked (for the most part) Donte Greene’s game.

The money quote about Donte:

Donte’ Greene did a real good job,” Westphal said. “Only took one shot that I questioned. Other than that he played a fine game.”

Yeah, missing 1 shot is truly important. (It’s probably a shot that Donte took and hit.) I stand by my statement that Donte is PW’s whipping boy. I don’t think last night meant much in terms of actual effect with regards to either side (Sac or OKC), but at the same time I understand why PW is reserved with Donte. Jones had this to say earlier in his blog piece about Donte:

When I asked Westphal about Greene before the game, he said the biggest struggle for Greene was learning to play in a disciplined structure and that he was coming along well.

All I want, and I will state this many times even though I think it falls on somewhat deaf ears, is for Donte to get a fair chance. If Donte hangs himself, fine. But, if the organization pigeon hole’s him into a player he’s not exactly than what purpose does it serve to use him as your whipping boy?

The good news. Omri Casspi may be starting at SF by mid-season (or much earlier) when Francisco Garcia comes back into the lineup. (That’s assuming he does. He may not.)

As PW said, Casspi has been the surprise of camp. As I said earlier this month, I would give praise to Omri when he was deserving of it. Good job Omri! (It’s hard for me to be impressed with a guy I can’t see play. Which is equally true of Donte Greene as well if truthfully.)

Bobby Jackson has announced he’s retiring, and you can read about it in Sam Amick’s story for the paper, and his blog post. Apparently, Jackson is going to work for the Kings in some capacity.

Jason Jones has a story up about Sergio Rodriguez’s 11 assist game, and it’s worth reading. He also has some notes about Desmond Mason getting cheers from the OKC crowd. There is also notes about David Stern who thinks that Sacramento will be the place that “ultimately gets the Kings” because there is a will to get something done. (That’s a paraphrase. Just read the piece.)

I thought this quote by Desmond Mason was pretty funny too:

“We got great support with the Hornets and great support with the Thunder,” Mason said. “The situations were different because of the circumstances. With the Hornets, we were displaced, and it was a little chaotic. When Seattle moved (to Oklahoma City last season), I think they had their ducks in a row for the most part. It was a business move.”

No kidding Desmond. You don’t say that it was a business move. (I love how pointless a lot of athlete quotes are in the press. But what’s so ultimately ironic is the guy who says something truthful gets killed for it. Sometimes I wonder why athletes get asked a question when you know it’s just going to be a PC response.)

Full Court Press has some postgame quotes up from Paul Westphal, Andres Nocioni, Sergio Rodriguez, and Thunder head coach (a Manteca native) Scott Brooks.

This might be my favorite quote of all time:

On scoring a game-high 19 points:
“I tried to make my open shots. I think I played well and this team played well.”

If you guessed Andres Nocioni made that quote, you won some saliva to spit at him and yell, “Thanks, for the great postgame quotes Captain Obvious”. Congratulations.

UPDATE 1: Video is now up of Andres Nocioni, Sergio Rodriguez and Paul Westphal.



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