Posted by: Kingsguru21 | October 25, 2009

Kings pick up Donte Greene’s option (And Spencer Hawes & Jason Thompson’s too)

H/T goes to Jziadeh of StR for putting this up first.

The Kings submitted a press release earlier today that they are picking up Donte Greene’s option, along with Jason Thompson and Spencer Hawes’ as well.

So what does this mean? It means that Spencer Hawes has his 4th year contract, and Jason Thompson/Donte Greene each have contracts for their 3rd season’s respectively.

Obviously, unless you’re an idiot or don’t know better, Hawes & Thompson were going to be picked up.

Donte Greene? Yeah, that’s another story.

On a team that has plenty of SF’s (Francisco Garcia, Desmond Mason, Andres Nocioni, Omri Casspi), it can be argued that Greene probably was on his last legs this training camp.

Yet, either GP & Co. or PW/coaching staff, one of the two groups somewhere still see something in Donte. Remember, this is a long term investment, and expecting a young player who had been the best scorer on his team growing up suddenly can’t play all the time by shooting the ball. It is an adjustment, and I think that’s why Greene had his option was picked up.

Make no mistake though. While this is a reprieve (the same way Douby was reprieved), there is also considerable reason to not pick up Greene’s option if he does not make progress throughout the season to GP/PW’s satisfaction.

I’m as big a fan of Donte Greene because he has loads of raw talent. But, Harold Miner had loads of raw talent too. So did Gerald Green. So does a lot of players who’ve washed out.

In short, I hope this wakes Donte up so he can convince PW that he’s a reliable role player and will do what’s asked of him when he’s in the game. On the other hand, I do think it’s easy to believe that Donte Greene could develop with some PT in Reno as well.

In time, I think Donte could be a truly unique 2 way player who has near All-Star or All-Star potential in a few season’s. But, for him to get there he has to convince a coach he has NBA skills. Right now, PW who has plenty of enthusiasm for young players (and has proven it) won’t play Greene except in certain situations. So, yeah, that’s pretty much what it is.

This issue has been beaten to death just about everywhere. So, with that said, what do you think?



  1. After my late afternoon check in @ StR and seeing that the options had been picked up by the Kings for JT, Spence and é I headed right over to ECI to see if you had a comment and you didn’t disappoint.

    I’m glad for Donté. Hopefully with his option picked up he can relax, settle down and work on getting better rather than playing desperately (and poorly) trying to save his career.

    From my POV there are at least 3 reasons for picking up his option:

    1. As you mentioned Pookey, he may still turn out to be a decent basketball player. I’m pretty much past the potential All-star stuff myself, but with a contract this cheap and a player this young (read immature) there is still a reasonable chance that he grows into a player who can crack more than just the King’s rotation.

    2. He has an inexpensive contact. He is familiar with the young players, the organization, he seems to be a good team mate. Did I mention he has a cheap contract? If he had been drafted 5 or more spots earlier his option may have not been renewed.

    3. Trade value. Not really based on his play so far but he gives the Kings another trade piece to throw into a trade.

    I wouldn’t have been surprised if they hadn’t picked up his option although I expected them to. He hasn’t done himself any favors with his play during training camp and preseason play. I don’t see him getting much burn this season unless it’s in D-League.

    You hit the nail on the head. Donté got a reprieve and now it’s up to him to justify the King”s continued faith in his potential.

    • Wanted to say a couple things BJ. First, I hope he gets the opportunity to go to the D-League. My fear is that he won’t get that opportunity because a basketball reason (as strange as that sounds) can be justified to keep Donte on the active roster.

      I really believe the best way for Donte to develop is to get consistent minutes. Since Donte is on the outside looking in, I can’t imagine the reason why Donte wouldn’t be in Reno at some point.

      Thanks for stopping in BJ.

      • Briefly as I have to give myself enough time to read your final musings but, yeah, I’m surprised too that Donté isn’t being discussed as a D league candidate myself. Maybe Westphal is looking at the early season as an extension of camp and he wants é around to pick it up and also get a chance to implement. Who knows.

        • That could be it BJ. It’s really a guessing game as to what how this will all work.

  2. I’m also happy that the Kings picked up Donte’s option. I am of the few (I think) that still believe that there could be a very beautiful diamond underneath all that rough.

    I think it is worth mentioning that Donte has yet to receive any adequate coaching and thus professional development with the Kings. I have a lot more confidence in PW’s ability to get through to Donte than Theus did or could have in 16 games. And I certainly don’t think that Donte’s development was at the top of Natt’s list as he was ust trying to prove that he belonged among NBA head coaches. Natt pretty much knew he did not have a future with the Kings, so why would he invest much time in a shot happy prank-playing rookie?

    That being said, why not take a bit of a chance on a tall, athletic, albeit immature, but nice guy who already possesses a fairly smooth stroke?

    With the influx of VERY young players into the league in the last 10 years we have seen guy like this blossom before. J.R. Smith couldn’t defend Beno a few years ago…but he was athletic and could stroke the J. Martell Webster has shown signs lately that he is filling out his NBA skill set to along with his already smooth jumper. And don’ forget that it took Jermaine Oneal a lot longer to develop his skills as a big than it has for him to fall of the face of the NBA planet.

    Donte was a project to begin with; I think that most people recognized that. It should not be a complete surprise that he has not cracked the rotation yet. Yes, he seems clueless at times, but then again so did Reggie and Natt.

    Congrats Donte…now go work your tail off and earn some minutes to go along with your paycheck.

    • Great comment quick. Thanks for stopping by.

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