Posted by: Kingsguru21 | November 4, 2009

Game 5: Hawks at Kings

The Atlanta Hawks come into town. That means Joe Johnson, Al Horford, Josh Smith, and the ir-replacable Marvin Williams. Oh and some guy named Mike Bibby made the Hawks squad apparently.

I’m actually interested in several things (and therefore this will be a short preview) to see tonight.

The first should be obvious. I want to see how Joe Johnson and Kevin Martin go at it.

The second is I’m hoping Tyreke Evans ankle is feeling better. He would absolutely abuse Mike Bibby all night long if he was 90%, or better, healthy.

The third should be obvious, too, but I want to see Spencer Hawes continue his stretch of good play from the last 2 games. The addendum (or 3a) to this is I would like to see Jason Thompson not take himself out of the game with ticky tack fouls.

Beyond that, Mike Bibby is coming back. Big fucking deal. Those who already knew how I felt about Bibby in a Kings uni know that I cheered like crazy when he was traded in February 2008. (Basically, people who were readers at StR back in late 07/early 08.) Unlike most people (and I don’t mean at StR), I knew that Bibby’s value had dwindled to the point where cap relief was the best the Kings could get. I consider that not only acceptable, but reasonable. Since, the Hawks have been a good team and with Bibby being a part of that. But, Bibby is a role player who fills a role that the Hawks would have gladly replaced him with a cheaper player if they could find him. (Especially one who can D up.) Bibby’s role in the Kings historical perspective is largely undisputed (except by me but nobody cares what I think of Bibby’s entire career in the 916–let’s just say I think he’s largely overrated for one regular season–his first–and the 2002 playoffs) at this point. This was my line that I feel sums up the whole thing decently well:

Suckaz want big men (I should have written “a tweener”) with tons of upside and 50 million contracts looming in the off-season. Smart people want young cheap bigs with upside on a limited scale.

I’m excited to see how the Kings do here. The Hawks will be coming off a back to back after having played at Portland last night. A game that, to my eye, frustrated at least one person.

3 predictions:

  1. Omri Casspi will get his shot swatted at least once by Marvin Williams and Josh Smith. (1 apiece.)
  2. Spencer Hawes will have 15 & 9; JT will have 19 & 12
  3. Tyreke Evans will score in the post at least 3 times against Bibby and/or Jamal Crawford

If you want to know more about the Hawks, all I can really do is to suggest heading over to Hoopinion or Peachtree Hoops. TZ has his preview up as well. (It’s an actual preview, and not some bullshit self serving to the past non-sensical crap. I really didn’t see the point of previewing the Hawks.)

UPDATE: Kevin Martin might not play after hurting his hand yesterday in practice.

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