Posted by: Kingsguru21 | November 4, 2009

Kings sign Ime Udoka to a contract

Ime Udoka has been signed. Well, I wonder what this means for Desmond Mason. More importantly, I wonder what this means for Donte Greene now.

I do think this means that Kevin Martin will not be playing tonight, and the Kings expected to not have Martin for a few days. This throws a monkey wrench in the whole deal with AtL tonight. On the other hand, you do have this Geoff Petrie quote:

“We’re excited about the addition of Ime to the Kings,” Petrie said. “He is experienced, a tough defender and has the ability to help space the floor at the offensive end.”

I think you can bet this means that Desmond Mason will be released once the Kings get Martin back fully healthy. But, we shall see.

Stylistically, you may be asking why Udoka? Because, he can defend better than Casspi or Nocioni, and he can shoot the 3 (unlike Mason who can’t shoot outside of 5 feet right now). The 3pt% is not even close. My only question is does he add to the ball movement (as I opined this morning about Mason), and that may be the only saving grace that Mason has here.

From a salary cap point of view, this means that Udoka is signed to a non-guaranteed contract (you can’t have 10 day contracts until after January 5th) until the Kings don’t want him any longer. Which means, conceivably, that the Kings could release Udoka 5 days from now if they choose and it would be legal. (It wouldn’t make Udoka happy, but at this point he should feel lucky–realistic or not–he was on a NBA roster for 5 days.)

Via Twitter, Sam Amick mentions that Udoka is not likely to play tonight.

Last but not least, I suppose this could mean a couple of things. As to exactly what, and right now specifically, it’s very difficult to say. At the end of training camp, Sam Amick made it clear the Kings weren’t interested in Udoka. I wonder what changed 10 days later. I suppose we will find that out as word leaks of why this signing was made. Last but not least, these pictures below probably represent what I really feel:

(Thanks 214.)


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