Posted by: Kingsguru21 | November 5, 2009

News N Notes

They say good news comes in three’s. Well, you got your three piece’s.

Andres Nocioni DUI section

The first piece of news is that Andres Nocioni got a DUI. He’s apparently sorry that he let down everyone, so this is just going to cost him money and shame.

On a serious note, this is just stupid. It’s amazing to me how many people still get DUI’s and what not. Stupid, stupid, stupid. (And I’m not going to be a hypocrite and say I’ve never driven drunk. What I’ll say is that I was lucky I didn’t get a DUI when I was younger, and that I learned my lesson. Drinking and driving is unwise regardless of how talented you are at such an endeavor.)

Desmond Mason got waived edition

The Kings released Desmond Mason. I’m wondering whose move this was. TZ already has waxed sentimental about such a move, and I see his point.

I just don’t see what difference it makes. This Kings team is young, and I’m not sure picking some D-Leaguer with a reasonable chance at upside is the same thing as what TZ is saying here. (Especially if that player isn’t being used down low.)

In otherwords, what D-League prospect will help this team more than Kenny Thomas or Sean May? Good question, and I have no clue who that would be. It would most likely be a very unpolished player as is, and that player would not likely see many minutes from Paul Westphal.

I didn’t mind Desmond Mason starting. What I think happened was that Mason didn’t work to somebody (read: Front Office expectations) and Paul Westphal was forced to move Mason along.

I think it’s a bit too late to try & work Udoka into the rotations, and I definitely think that whatever Udoka brings isn’t anymore worthwhile than what Mason will ultimately bring.

Even then, Mason & Udoka were always about the short-term. But, this makes no nevermind. Mason has been put on waivers, and that is that.

Yes, Kevin Martin has a hairline fracture. You may scream,” I hate the world.” Or, you may scream,” Hey Kevin Martin’s wrist: Thanks a lot for ruining my dreams to see you & Tyreke Evans become the backcourt GP & Co were envisioning.”

The big news is that Kevin Martin has a hairline fracture in his left wrist.

I don’t even know what to say about this at this point. It’s a screwy injury to a player in Martin that has a career full of them. I will say this is probably nowhere near the problem (in the grand scheme of things) that the ankle provided Martin.

Last night, I thought Martin played well with the injury, and however that works moving forward is probably something that Martin has to live with. Apparently Zach Harper at Cowbell Kingdom has the scoop, and it’s something worth repeating: Does playing with the injury make it worse?

Apparently, though, Jason Jones tweeted that it could be something worse.

Martin can opt for surgery or a cast and miss about two months or play with a broken wrist. He’ll decide soon.


A screwy day for a young, rebuilding team. Go figure. Sigh.



  1. in moments like this I’d like to believe in God just to say “Fuck you” to the Most High.

    Or maybe this is God’s way to easy the way in the starting lineup for the only Chosen One in the story of the league (no, it’s not LeBron, he’s not Israeli).

    • I can always tell when you’re mad or tired Panzer. Your english starts slippin. LOL

      • It’s the League Pass fault! I’m watching games every night till 3 to 7 am, plus I wake up early to follow lessons….curse you basketball, why are you so beautiful?

        • Don’t hate the player, hate the game Panzer.

  2. […] put Desmond Mason on waivers. (mostIme Udoka will play in his first game likely) against Utah […]

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