Posted by: Kingsguru21 | November 8, 2009

Game 7: Warriors at Kings (or some News n Notes)

Tonight, in the battle of supremacy for suckitude for Norcal Pro Hoops basketball teams, comes the Kings and Warriors! Hurray, Beer!

Tonight, in the battle of supremacy for suckitude for Norcal Pro Hoops basketball teams, comes the Kings and Warriors! Hurray, Beer!

Okay, I’m not in a mood to write much up right now.

The Key Matchup in this game will be whoever guards Tyreke Evans, and, perhaps, whom Easy Reke defends.

The Matchup I look forward to: Spencer Hawes vs Andris Biedrins (if Biedrins plays–he hasn’t played the last few games)

I want to watch to see how Spencer does tonight. Last night, while not having gaudy stats, he did have a quietly effective game defending Okur and Boozer.

Most people may say that JT & Anthony Randolph may be more interesting, but recently Randolph hasn’t started. And, he’s averaging less than 18 mins a game at the moment. JT is a starter, and as such I don’t consider Randolph a worthy foe.


Omri Casspi vs Donte Greene continues (Via Amick):

Donte Greene’s breakout was surprising in this sense: Omri Casspi was ready to roll. The rookie small forward had turned his left ankle recently and was questionable for tonight’s game. But even after Casspi said he was good to go, Kings coach Paul Westphal obviously opted to give Greene a shot that he made the most of. Casspi didn’t play. I’ll chock this one up to Westphal taking the safe route with one player while utilizing a chance to get a guy out of the doghouse at the same time.

So much for Paul Westphal’s clear preference for any single player on the roster. (My gut has always told me that he prefers to get Omri and Donte going. There is very little use to not work all of your players into the game that you feel will help you get wins.) What’s so amazing about that statement was that lesson of earning your keep was told to Omri. Donte already knows it having been through a season of mostly sitting. Omri Casspi needs to learn some things as a player, and once he does I believe he’ll be a terrific player for the Kings long term. But, he hasn’t learned it yet. That’s okay folks. Like Tyreke Evans, he is young. 21 years old in fact. (Donte too.) There is TIME! Fan favorite or not.

The most interesting part is this quote from Amick’s notes:

“I think Donté can play,” Westphal said. “He asked me the other day what he needs to do. I said, ‘Keep working hard in practice, stay ready.’ “

Heh. Donte essentially parroted what his coach said last night after the victory. (I linked the youtube clip of players talking if you want to hear what Donte said in the Jazz recap post.) Good. Whether Donte becomes a major star, a rotation player, or a player who doesn’t realize his potential, it shouldn’t be for lack of effort. Clearly, Paul Westphal and Donte Greene are on the same page. But, what I find refreshing is that Donte recognized his career is on the line, and Paul Westphal recognizes it, and each have found something of a comfort level.

Paul Westphal doesn’t praise players for nuthin, and last night he went out of his way to praise Donte. That means something. If all goes well for the Kings here, it could mean that the Kings have 2 young, well rounded SG/SF/PF in Omri Casspi and Donte Greene. That makes the Ron Artest trade a superlative slam dunk. (And, since Daryl Morey isn’t stupid, I don’t think that’s a criticism of the decision on the Rockets part to trade for Artest.)

Watch how Tyreke Evans is already working to alter his shot.

As far as Tyreke Evans worth as a player, this note came from Amick’s writeup in the paper:

Yet here was Evans hitting 7 of 15 shots and converting 16 of 19 free throws, setting a Kings rookie record for attempts (previously 18) while falling one short of the made mark.

Another funny moment in Amick’s NBA column:

It’s still early, but Brandon Jennings’ impressive exhibition season and first four regular-season games entering Saturday inspired New York Knicks president Donnie Walsh to admit in an interview with Newsday that he missed on the prospect. Walsh, who took Arizona forward Jordan Hill at No. 8 before Jennings went to Milwaukee at No. 10, may not be alone if Jennings keeps it up. Entering Saturday, he led all rookies in scoring at 18.8 points per game and was second in assists at 4.8.

Heh. That’s what you get for putting too much stock in Treviso Donnie. Heh, heh, heh. (Plus, way to show faith in Jordan Hill.)

Noc feels stupid about his DUI:

“It’s really stupid what I’ve done. (Since I’ve been) in the USA (2004), I’ve gone out like four times in my whole life. What can you do? It’s my fault, a stupid mistake. I feel really bad, because I have kids and this is not good. I feel really sorry for the organization.”

Yeah Noc you fucked up. (It’s kinda funny he says he’s only gone out 4 times since coming to the NBA. He’s a bigger hermit than I am.) Welcome to life. At least last night you played well.

For Warrior perspective, Golden State of Mind and Warriors World are your best bets. (If you want to read some complaining about Mikki Moore and his starting, or just simply experience deja vu, read this. It should also shutup anybody crazy enough to have wanted Nelson in the first place. *cough*Ailene Voisin *cough*)

Now go away.

(P.S. This might be the funniest picture you’ll ever see on GSoM. Also, if you have time, I suggest reading this post on The Simpsons as Warriors, and the original mastermind’s posting of the picture. Tony PSD is without a doubt the best photoshopper on the Web.)

Okay, now go away.


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