Posted by: Kingsguru21 | November 9, 2009

Tasty Linkage

Lotta good stuff today. You can read any of the Bee’s paper articles about the blowout victory vs the Warriors.

You can read a recap of the Warriors/Jazz games at Cowbell Kingsdom and A Royal Pain as well.

The Funniest thing was the response Stephen Jackson had to Omri Casspi. Then Omri Casspi responded in a Jason Jones blog post.

One of Donte Greene’s layups from last night:

Tyreke Evans on what position he plays (if you live in Sacramento and get CSN you’ve already seen it–this is just for the out of towners who don’t get the opportunity to watch bullshit halftime shows):

Omri Casspi was interviewed at halftime by Kayte Christensen:

The Donte Greene to Jason Thompson oop one more time for your pleasure:

Donte Greene talking to Grant Napear & Jerry Reynolds after the Warriors game:

Donte keeps talking afterwards too (along with other teammates):

Paul Westphal talking after the Warriors game:

Paul Westphal talking about practice:

I thought it was interesting he chose to not make a distinction between Omri and Donte. Maybe I’m reading too much into it.

Tyreke Evans after practice today:

Andres Nocioni arraignment is set for December 21st. Yippee.

Kevin Martin had his surgery on his wrist, and official word says he’ll be out 8 weeks.

Jason Thompson was interviewed on Dime. (H/T to BearKing of StR.) Matt Moore of Hardwood Paroxysm fame (as opposed to AOL Fanhouse fame), got mad that Tyreke Evans didn’t get better numbers. (H/T to Aykis for that as well.)

Jeremy Tyler is not assimilating well in Israel so far. TZ had a piece up at Fanhouse yesterday, and so did a fellow at Free Darko.

Michael Beasley has a funny ‘fro. (H/T Skeets.) It’s suggested that you read why he doesn’t have a ‘black power pick’ any longer.

David Aldridge says that LeBron James that joining the Clippers would make a lot sense. (If you read this place regularly, you know how I feel about such. It falls somewhere between, yeah, and makes too much sense. Odds as I see it now: 95% Cleveland. 3% New Jersey and 2% LA Clippers. Yeah, I know.) H/T to Steve Perrin of Clips Nation. I would suggest reading through the whole piece which includes a reasonable diatribe against Donald Sterling.

A bit of retroactive activity, but if you’re ever curious how deals ever affect a franchise, I suggest reading this flowchart made back in February by Norsktroll of Blazers Edge. I found a written version of such by the feller (or fellers) who write Nets Daily.

Last but not least, if you’re interested in what people have from an OKC perspective have, read the Daily Thunder, Welcome to Loud City, and Blue Blitz.


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