Posted by: Kingsguru21 | November 13, 2009

The difference a year makes

A year ago, the Kings were 3-5, and Kevin Martin had an ankle injury that the franchise either covered up, or the diagnosis was so out of line with the eventual reality, that something smelled funny. A year ago, Reggie Theus was starting Mikki Moore instead of Jason Thompson. A year ago, Kenny Thomas couldn’t get playing time because Theus was afraid it would tick his bosses off. A year ago, Brad Miller was coming off a suspension. A year ago, it was about a month until Reggie Theus himself got fired. A year ago, Joe Maloof called out Reggie Theus on the radio.

So let’s play: “Stupendous shit that shocks the shit out of you after 8 games”.

I’m going to quote what I wrote at StR earlier today with regards to Evans and his USG to TOV% ratio:

Does assists matter? Therefore, does assist to turnover ratio matter if assists mean less? I focus on TO’s far more because TO’s mean far more in the grand scheme of things.

If you want to accurately show something, you might want to use the TOV% to USG rate and that will tell you something about how effective each player is.

I’m going to pick 6 players: Dwyane Wade, Tyreke Evans, Rajon Rondo, Jonny Flynn, Joe Johnson and Kobe Bryant. Most of them turn the ball over at a very high rate (Flynn & Wade extremely high) and ALL of them have the ball in their hands A LOT.

Wade: USG: 37.1% TOV%: 10.1
Evans: USG: 25.3 TOV% 12.5
Rondo: USG: 17.2% TOV% 19.3
Flynn: USG: 25.2 TOV% 20.6
Johnson: USG: 27% TOV%: 12.7%
Bryant: USG: 37.1% TOV%: 10.1%

Note: In another comment just below I also added WaBeno Udrih and Kevin Martin’s to for some team reference points:

Here is Wabeno’s: USG: 19.2 TOV% 16.1
Martin’s: USG: 29.1 TOV% 5%
USG is pretty simple. It’s the amount of possessions a player uses while on the floor. TOV% is how many of those possessions, per 100 possessions, you turn the ball over. Here is the glossary if you don’t trust my explanation.

Simply put, Rajon Rondo is not as effective as a ball handler as his reputation says. Jonny Flynn is a turnover machine. Joe Johnson, Kobe Bryant and Joe Johnson are not. Tyreke Evans and Jonny Flynn are rookies, and until they get a few season’s under their belt it’s impossible to say how they will project. But if you take the early returns (and it’s way too early to note anything but the numbers) Flynn is a high TO machine and Evans is clearly not.

I picked all these guys out because they all do different things, but in every case they either initiate the offense or are the major source of where the offense looks to base it’s productivity off.

WaBeno is back to his old 3 hitting self. In 2007-08, WaBeno hit .387% of his 3’s. Last season, Beno Udrih (that fool), hit 31% of his 3’s. This season, so far, WaBeno his .389% of his 3’s. Clearly, there’s a correlation between WaBeno and shot making. (Don’t say you weren’t warned.)

Jason Thompson is currently hitting 81% of his FT’s. According to, that ranks JT 6th out of all NBA F’s.

Spencer Hawes was said to have his best game by Paul Westphal. Funny, I thought he had a bigger effect than Memphis, but you’ll have to watch what PW said after the Presser vs OKC to figure out what he meant. (He also talked about Noc playing great defense on Durant despite the 37 points dropped. I agree actually. No jokes.) 1 note about Spencer. He’s already averaging 2.4 FT’s this season, and that’s up by more than half a game from last season. Thankfully, Spencer is also hitting his FT’s at an 84% clip. Unfortunately, Spencer’s FG% is still too low. I have a feeling that will change as he, and Paul Westphal, get more comfortable with each other.

Omri Casspi has missed a lot of FT’s (12 out of 15 attempts taken), but as Paul Westphal noted, PW made 15 in practice. It’s all mental with Casspi at the FT line. The interesting thing? Casspi’s TS% is just above 60%. It would be amazing to see what Casspi’s TS% would be if he was hitting 80% from the line right now. (Astronomical would definitely be the word.) Apparently, Omri Casspi is so popular he has to tell fans how to buy his jersey. So if he can’t hit those FT’s, he can always sell his jersey as a fallback option.

Speaking of Kenny Thomas, last season he played in 8 games. In 8 games so far this season, he’s already played in 4 games.

Sean May talks about Paul Westphal and what he feels is important:

In general, this team has a different feel to it than it has in years past. If those reason’s, among other things, aren’t the reason why, I don’t know what is. Ah the culture of season’s past is no more. Thank (insert god of choosing here).


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