Posted by: Kingsguru21 | November 17, 2009

Game #10: Bulls at Kings

Well. The Kings are 5-4. If they win tonight, the homestand will be 4-0, and a 5-1 home record. I likey.

Brad Miller returns. Since he’s a 7 foot sack of shit, feel free to boo him if you’re going to the game. (Especially since he started becoming “effective” once traded to Chicago. I hate players who quit blatantly on their team.)

So does John Salmons, but I don’t hate or miss him. Outside of the 2 games a year the Kings play the Bulls, I wish Salmons no ill will.

Key Matchups are Tyreke Evans/Beno Udrih vs Derrick Rose/John Salmons

Whoever wins this matchup offensively & defensively will control the tempo, and likely the game.

The other key matchup with be Jason Thompson and Joakim Noah. Noah is the best rebounder in the NBA (at 12.2 a game), but Thompson is the 2nd best o-boarder at 4.8 a game (Jt is also averaging 10.1 boards as well).

Oh well, should be fun. Two teams at different points of their season colliding with a collision course set for eternity.

Tips at 7. No bad prose please. Mine is bad enough. Game is on CSNCA.



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