Posted by: Kingsguru21 | November 17, 2009

Sammy Dalembert is in the mix now, eh?

According to Marc Stein, the Kings could be trading for Sammy Dalembert instead of Emeka Okafor. Greaatttttttttttttttttttttt. That made my morning, evening, day, moon, sun you name it.

No. Hell to the fuck no. Sammy Dalembert?

Stein with the joyous news:

Sources told that the Philadelphia 76ers and Sacramento Kings, in considering the feasibility of a Samuel Dalembert-for-Kenny Thomas swap, have discussed expanding that concept with Boston by trying to draw in the Celtics on a potential three-way deal that would land Andres Nocioni with the Celts.

Okay, so this includes Andres Nocioni. Stein goes onto say that JR Giddens would be coming to Sacramento, and that Brian Scalabrine and Tony Allen would be headed to Philadelphia along with Kenny Thomas. Eh, okay I can see why Boston sorta does it. I can see why Philly does it. Cap relief.

But why do the Kings do this? For shot blocking? I like interior defense. No, I really do. It seems like I don’t because I don’t fall in love with guys like Dalembert who can block 5 shots in a game and give up 25 points to the guy he’s guarding. That isn’t defense. That’s 5 instances where long arms & hops make up for the fact that you don’t give a shit on 20 other Field Goal attempts.

Look at Dalembert’s career #’s and tell me he’s what you think the Kings should be paying 12 million next season for.

People may complain about Emeka Okafor’s contract, and I can understand that. The long term impact of Okafor’s contract could change a lot of things in the Kings organization between now & 2014.

Anyone who says the Kings are absolutely better served by taking on Dalembert’s contract, even though the NBA is a league hungry for size, and the Sixers are no exception, when he’s not even starting on his OWN TEAM at the moment are probably over-thinking this. Of course Philly loves their end of the deal. They get to dump Dalembert’s contract a year early. Why wouldn’t they love that?

I respect flexibility, and I respect attempting to make your team better by giving yourself every opportunity to do so. Anyone who thinks that taking on Dalembert’s contract isn’t any less of a gamble than Okafor’s is crazy. There is no financial flexibility if you trade Nocioni’s deal for 1 year of Dalembert. That is unless you think a million bucks is a huge deal in the NBA in terms of future salary. The only difference is that paying 2 years of Nocioni is 1 year of paying Dalembert

I guess what I find so irritating is that a bunch of hand wringing and “oh he costs too much and yadda yadda” will be met with less skepticism because the contract of Dalembert’s expires in the summer of 2011. Additionally, the perception that the Kings will be dumping salary by moving Noc 2 years early is equally incorrect. If you’re saving money, you have to take less long term money. All the Kings are doing in this deal is clearing up their cap for 2011 cap space and beyond.

That being said, assuming this deal goes through, and it only seems like a rumor, like the Okafor deals to be truthful (My gut told me that a deal wasn’t exactly imminent), I’ll do a mea culpa if the following happens:

1) Dalembert plays out of his mind defensively in both man to man & team defense
2) Dalembert isn’t a complete waste offensively (not holding my breath on that one either–that’s all he’s been usually up to this point)
3) The Kings get a quality young player up front in the 2010 draft to replace Dalembert if he goes into the tank as he’s prone to do
4) If Hawes & Thompson perform better with Dalembert around

Look, I have no problem taking a risk. I don’t even know if that I have a problem in of itself of taking a risk on Dalembert either. I just feel like I’m being cheated intellectually by the whole talk of Okafor all weekend, and then seeing this rumor pop up on (early) Tuesday morning. I hate it. Why shouldn’t I?

On the other hand, it moves Nocioni’s long term contract out of the way, the Kings aren’t taking long term money with Dalembert’s contract if they do take him, and if he decides to play he can help this team I suppose.

I just won’t hold my breathe that this is the move to make. So. Yeah.


  1. Yeah, this one leaves me feeling meh. Seems like a salary dump to me. I prefer the Okafor deal, but understand the reluctance to take on that much salary.

    • You know Dalembert has a trade kicker right? That means the Kings would save maybe a million on this deal all told. Besides, Boston doesn’t want it according to the Globe. Not really surprised to be honest. Noc’s contract is really long.

  2. […] Philly deal with Sammy Dalembert did mention Noc, but that was with Noc going to […]

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