Posted by: Kingsguru21 | November 18, 2009

Kings lose to Bulls 101-87

This was a game of opportunity. Simply put, the Bulls took advantage and the Kings not. An example if you will.

Kings are down a point going into the last possession of the 1st qtr. The Bulls swing to a wide open Jannero Pargo in the left corner for a 3.

Next possession, Jason Thompson turns the ball over inbounding the ball.

Next possession, Jannero Pargo hits a midrange J.

Next possession, Tyreke Evans drives inside but misses the layup.

Kings are down 9. Ballgame.

Kings turned the ball over 21 times, and the Bulls scored 28 points off those opportunities. The Bulls, a team that doesn’t shoot well from the perimeter on the year, hit 7-12 from 3. The Kings shot 4-21. Ballgame.

Opportunities. The Bulls took advantage. The Kings did not. (I could mention that the Kings got back into the game in the 4th qtr when they got as close as 7. But, it was merely an extension of what had transpired over the 2 qtr’s prior.)

We saw last night the mark of a young team learning it’s way in this league. Execution still matters. Hitting shots still matters. Swinging the ball, taking good shots matters.

The Kings did do some good things tonight. They hung around and gave themselves a chance to win in the 4th qtr. (The aforementioned getting as close to 7.) They rebounded the Bulls evenly (although that may not register as a real victory). Donte Greene had 24 points and 5 boards, but unfortunately also was 2-6 from the FT line and 2-8 from 3. Overall, however, Donte was 10-19 from the floor.

One play though sticks out about Donte though. With 7 mins left in the 3rd qtr, Donte & WaBeno are running the floor and Donte executes a perfect bounce pass to WaBeno. WaBeno ends up getting 2 FT’s and making both. When Donte Greene is your best player, you’re probably not going to win many games in the NBA. And, give the Bulls credit for that.

Kenny Thomas gets 8 boards, 2 blocks, and doesn’t take a single shot. (He manages 2 TO’s though.)

There are people who will focus on the negatives. I understand that. Those exist. The Kings are a team susceptible to turning the ball over despite their initial success this season of not doing so. The Kings are a good rebounding team. The Kings need help on defense. (Still.)

This is a young, incomplete team. Chicago just provided proof of such. Chicago executed. Chicago hit their shots. Chicago stuck to their strengths. (Chicago has quite a few veterans in their rotation. It helps.)

These games happen and the Kings will be at the Dallas Mavericks on Friday. I’m intrigued as I’ve been during the first 10 games. Last night provided another glimpse of why the 4 game win streak was so fun: You can’t ever take this Kings team for granted.

Hopefully people know that now. Enjoy the ride. Just, enjoy the ride.

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