Posted by: Kingsguru21 | November 24, 2009

Abe Pollin dies at 85

For those unaware, Abe Pollin is the longtime owner of the Baltimore-Washington Bullets/Wizards. Pollin had been the longest running owner in the NBA, and had owned the Wizards since 1964.

First Mel Simon (of the Pacers), and now Abe Pollin. UPDATE: (Thanks to TZ, I also forgot the longtime Detroit Pistons owner, Bill Davidson, and Utah Jazz owner, Larry Miller, died this year.) This has not been a good year for the older ownership in the NBA (obviously) and I wonder if these deaths will have a larger ripple effect than their lives actually took on.

Although, in Simon’s case, the Pacers were owned by Mel and his brother Herb (who is not dead), and the minority owners of the Wizards will try to purchase Pollin’s majority shares. In the cases of Davidson and Miller, both their families have taken ownership and have not had any indications that they will sell the team. Maybe all is not lost.

Either way, condolences go out to the Pollin family. If you wish, send your regards at Bullets Forever or Truth About It.

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