Posted by: Kingsguru21 | November 24, 2009

Grizzlies beat Kings 116-105

Here is the box score. Here is the 4 Factors:

Pace Eff eFG FT/FG OREB% TOr
Sacramento 99.0 106.1 53.0% 20.5 27.0 21.2
Memphis 117.2 55.9% 40.8 30.6 16.2


I’m really not sure what to say about this one. It was clear the Kings didn’t have much good happen for them, to them, or by them tonight. The refs weren’t helpful (to say the least), but the refs weren’t that helpful to the Grizz either (the Grizz were complaining all night too).

First, the tech between Rudy Gay and Omri Casspi was not that big of a deal as it happens. (Although I’m surprised a double-tech was called. I’m curious why it wasn’t a double foul.)

The 2nd tech was what got so many people up in arms, but really Omri either said something very bad or the ref made a bad mistake and the tech will get rescinded. There really isn’t much gray area there, and I’m curious to see which answer it becomes. Oh well, at worst it’s only a 1000 dollars of Omri’s money, and a bad moment in his rookie year. (According to Paul Westphal, the refs thought that Omri was hanging onto the arm of Jamaal Tinsley for too long. I have a feeling, especially by the way PW answered, that the tech will be rescinded at some point after review.)

On the court, the Kings were lethargic for the most part, and mostly look frustrated that they couldn’t play their game because of the way the game was called. Every time the Kings would make a run, the Grizzlies would get FT’s or a jump shot to go and that pretty much answered any run the Kings made.

Because the refs got into the head early of the Baby Royals, it pretty much meant that this game was never for the taking. If you watched the game, you know exactly what I mean. If you didn’t watch the game, take my word for it.

Onto the bullet points:

* Brockman made his presence felt in a game when it was necessary to bang some bodies around. Even though the game was never in doubt, it came close a couple times in the 4th qtr in part because Brockman was simply willing to bang. While I didn’t feel there was a great time to put Brockman earlier in the game, I did appreciate that Paul Westphal was willing to try such a maneuver. Hopefully, if a game like this happens again sometime in the future, PW will try Brockman earlier. (I don’t know if Brockman entered the game too late or not. It’s extremely difficult to say the Kings win without better contributions from more players.)

* Technical fouls or no, I thought Omri had a pretty good game otherwise in terms of energy and effectiveness. Unfortunately, he got the tech’s. Oh well. As everyone else on this team, it’s a good lesson for Omri. Shooting 50% for the game, hitting both your FT’s (I loved seeing him both of his attempts at the charity stripe I’ll admit), and getting 3 boards in 27 mins hardly speaks of terrible effort. Again, what probably will be remembered after this one is the tech’s and the picture with Haddadi (see below).

* Don’t be fooled by JT’s stat line tonight (8 points 10 boards–5 offensive). He just simply didn’t have what it took to get it done on the interior. JT is proving that you can’t simply project a player to be the player you want him to be after a few games. That being said, if JT is putting up monster numbers come late December, or early January, we’re going to be having a very exciting conversation. But for now, we’re still seeing the ups & downs of an exciting young talent. Am I hopeful? Yes. Am I completely optimistic? I wish I could say I am, but I’m not. I’m still excited and hopeful at what JT could become, though.

* Spencer Hawes looked bad again (especially defensively). I really do wonder if Tyreke Evans has something to do with it with Hawes offensive struggles.

* Tyreke Evans looked good at times, but he also turned the ball over a bit (on some interesting travel calls I’ll admit), and the ball movement lacked at times. Defensively he did okay, but was called for some fouls. A lot of Tyreke’s numbers came in the 4th qtr when the game was almost out of reach. The numbers tonight weren’t necessarily hollow, but they aren’t some great beacon of light. Tyreke will have worse games than tonight though. That’s what I take from it.

* Sergio Rodriguez was tremendous tonight in many ways. It was good to see even if it didn’t help the Kings win. While I’m not sold that Sergio can be much more than an effective tempo changing 3rd rotation PG, I do believe that Sergio can’t do more than what he’s done in the minutes that he’s gotten. That’s all you can ask of any player really.

* The Kings were out rebounded 38-35 by the Grizz, including a 11-10 edge in o-boards. Keep in mind, though, that the gap was so small because of Jon Brockman’s 4th qtr.

Sometimes, these games happen where you just don’t play your best, or whatever, and things don’t work the way you wish for them to. Overcoming these issue’s is a must (obviously), but a part of this is also that you have to prepare yourself that sometimes the ref’s won’t do what you want for them to do. Because of the screwy officiating, I don’t know if I can honestly put all of this game on the Kings players. But, it messed them up mentally, and dealing with it is a sign of maturity. I think the Kings kept having those calls called simply because they didn’t respond.

It was funny, but those “awful” calls stopped happening in the 4th qtr in large part because the Kings were aggressive. The Kings even got some calls for themselves!

It’s amazing, but sometimes effort is not all it takes to be successful in the NBA. Sometimes making the mental adjustment (remember how young this team is) is beyond important in the learning curve. Most nights you can overcome obstacles, but when nothing is going your way you have to keep persevering. We saw an example of how young this roster is in terms of it’s NBA experience. There isn’t anything more useful for young players than experience, and tonight was simply an example of what happens when young players get off their game. The good news? This team is young, and the final chapter has not been written yet. If anything, I’m excited this kinda game has transpired so we can see how these guys rebound. Maybe I’m alone, but I want to see how these guys adjust. I’m hoping that it starts against the Knicks on Wednesday. I leave with you the postgame chat PW had:

I was going to end this post, but I’ll rather end it with this (h/t to ed):

If that isn’t proof that basketball can do good, I don’t know what will. (For those unaware, that is Israeli Omri Casspi–Kings–and Iranian Hamed Haddadi–Grizzlies–posing in that particular picture.)



  1. Great stuff. Omri and Haddadi, very cool. Ahminijahd is probably pissed. Good.
    I also loved Brockman taking it to Gasol’s jaw. Not that I have a problem w/ Gasol, just nice to see someone banging (if it had been Najera, though, and his jaw was knocked off his face? Would have laughed my ass off.)

    • You’re a hater Sam. Why hate Eddie? He’s just a poor Mexican boy trying to make a livin……

      Have a good Thanksgiving.

  2. […] Hamed Haddadi is back with the Grizzlies. (The holdup is a work permit.) Haddadi is the fellow who took a picture with Omri Casspi that caused an uproar because Haddadi is Iranian and Casspi is […]

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