Posted by: Kingsguru21 | December 1, 2009

Tyreke Evans wins Western Conference Rookie of the Month

Really, I don’t think this award is a big deal. (I think Tyreke’s great month is a big deal. It means something for this franchise.) But, if you’re Zach Harper, maybe you can rest easier about the lack of respect for Evans on a national level. (Let people dis-respect Tyreke Evans. They’ll come around. If they don’t, fuck ’em.) Historically though, I do think it means respect:

Evans becomes only the third Kings player to be named Rookie of the Month, joining Brian Grant (January 1995) and Lionel Simmons (December 1990 and February 1991).

Clearly, if not ESPN, the NBA disagree’s with those who are hyping up Jennings at the expense of Evans. Fine with me. I’m happy with Tyreke Evans. (Truthfully, I think Brandon Jennings was a great find for Milwaukee. Both player and franchise equally need each other. Hopefully that doesn’t get forgotten as time passes.) As far as I’m concerned, there is room for both to ascend to greatness in the NBA. If ESPN wants to talk about Jennings more this month, no problemo.

So rather than telling you I love Tyreke’s game, and I think getting Western Conference Rookie of the Month is a great way to start off his career, it’s hardly finished. Tyreke is barely 20 years old after all. There’s a long way for him to go.

Today in the Bee, Jason Jones had a great piece on Tyreke’s shooting. Paul Westphal though had the quote that really stuck out to me:

Westphal has never publicly expressed any concern over Evans’ shooting. In fact, he has always said Evans was a much better shooter than he’d been given credit for.

Westphal pointed out many elite players have become much better shooters as professionals.

“You can find story after story of players that really, really improved their shot once they got to the NBA,” Westphal said. “One of the reasons is, at the lower level these guys are so good they didn’t have to shoot outside. So if (defenders) can’t play them, why shoot jumpers?”

I think it takes a lot of gumption for a head coach to write your story for you. (Jason Jones is a gifted beat writer if nothing else. While he’s new to covering the Kings, his experience covering the Raiders has greatly helped him in area’s where he might suffer in covering a new beat. It’s really helped narrow the gap in the Bee’s coverage with so many talented writers having exited the Bee in the last 5 years.) Part of being a great beat writer is recognizing what’s really important, and Jason Jones does that. From where I stand, Thank You!

Either way, the piece illustrated what happens when a young player who was highly dominant at the lower levels before reaching the NBA, and the issue’s that crop up. It sometimes takes a high level player, and a long time coach, to recognize what kind of adjustments are really needed. Again, this is where the brilliance of the coaching staff has been so useful in the 8-8 start. You see a lot of teaching in the game (to Grant Napear and Jerry Reynold’s credit they have gone out of the way to point this out) and that has been a lot of fun to see. (Although, it’s not like Kenny Natt and Reggie Theus didn’t teach. It’s just that whatever message was out there was not necessarily getting across. Also, the Kings talent is better this season. Always helps.)

What this award tells me is that people are paying attention to what Tyreke Evans is doing from afar with little national attention Tyreke’s way.

That, even if ESPN hasn’t gotten the memo, is great news for the Kings and their future with Tyreke.



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