Posted by: Kingsguru21 | December 3, 2009

Kings beat Pacers: 110-105

Obviously, you know I’m happy about this. (I’m usually very happy with a Kings win. Especially when a team is coming off a 17 win season.) But, like most things, this game was not perfect.

4 Factors:

Pace Eff eFG FT/FG OREB% TOr
Indiana 98.0 107.1 47.3% 19.6 43.1 18.4
Sacramento 112.2 56.2% 23.5 27.0 19.4

Not so perfect: 14 1st half Turnover’s.
Much better: 5 2nd half Turnover’s

To quote Paul Westphal, the 1st half TO’s were pathetic. Thankfully, that qualifier was in there. (And, I love that PW is not happy with every aspect of this performance. No coach would be, but for some reason, Yeah!)

At the half the Kings led the Rebounding battle 26-25 (Indiana had 15 O-Boards and the Kings 9 though)

Not so perfect: 2nd half rebounding: Indiana had 24 rebounds including 7 O-Boards to the Kings 14 2nd half rebounds (yes I know) and 1 single O-Board.

You figure out which is better.

Beyond those 2 things, I don’t have a ton of gripe. Here is PW’s Presser:

* As PW said, Donte made the play of the game on his steal with 50 secs left. After a rough game (4 TO’s) for Donte it was nice to see.

* Tyreke Evans is not a pure PG. After 26 points, 6 assists, 5 boards and 4 Turnover’s, who cares? I think he’s going to be an okay player, though, dontcha think?

* Jason Thompson had 22 points 6 boards (3 offensive), and hit those mid range J’s that Jerry Reynolds had told him previously he needed to take. At least Jason listened.

* Spencer Hawes had another fine game with 21 points including 3 3 balls (outta 4 attempts) and had 7 boards (5 offensive!) tonight. Even though Spencer’s shot was off early, he came back firing and eventually ended up with a high quality offensive night. You’ll take this almost every night (the rebounding needed help) from Hawes if you’re PW.

* Beno Udrih really helped the Kings stay in the game tonight in the 2nd qtr when the Kings were down 10 (45-35), and from that point on, at the 6:26 mark of the 2nd qtr, the Kings go on a 25-12 run to take a lead into halftime 60-57. Beno’s 9 points do not jump off the page as far as stats go, but it changed the entire momentum and focus of the Kings from that point on.

* It’s getting to the point where 10 points, 3 boards & 3 assists (and 1 TO) for Omri Casspi is very ho-hum. Expectations are a beautiful thing, yes?

* Ime Udoka only had 2 points (1-4 shooting), but he also had 5 rebounds (1 o-board), 3 assists and 2 steals. Udoka also played really good defense on Danny Granger that harassed Granger into a 10 for 24 shooting night. Unfortunately, because Danny Granger is a great player, Granger scored 33 points because he got hot from 3 late in the game. Udoka’s (what some will call bonehead) unfortunate play where he fouled Granger on a 3 pointer with 18 secs left will be judged by some, but that seemed more like in the wrong place at the wrong moment kind of play. Udoka did what he could, and fate just came by and kicked him (and the Kings) right in the shins. Thankfully, the Kings didn’t lose the game. There would be a lot of people focusing on that all morning (and afternoon from 4-7) tomorrow.

* Jeff Foster is a really hellaciously awesome rebounder. 18 rebounds, and 10 of them were offensive! That’s, umm, offensive! (If you’re the Kings.)

It wasn’t pretty, but it worked. Not every game the Kings will win this season will be as pretty as the Mona Lisa or Hawaii sunset’s. Sometimes it will be ugly, gut-wrenching, tough, and the balls might not bounce your way. One thing about the rebounds in the 2nd half, on my viewing of it the first time around, was that many of the caroms simply just were funny coming off the rim and the Kings simply never adjusted quickly enough. On the other hand the ball movement (not really evidenced by 28 assists but that is nice too) tonight was a thing of beauty when the Kings stopped turning the ball over. On the opportunities that the Kings ran plays in the halfcourt Indiana could not stop Tyreke, JT or Spencer anytime they wanted a shot. When you toss in Sergio in that mix and it became apparent that Indiana simply had no answer. If you are one of those people who really loves Roy Hibbert, I didn’t see much that told me he’s better than Spencer Hawes tonight. (Of course, it’s only one game.) On the other hand, Tyler Hansborough has a future in the NBA, and while he might not be a top 10 from this draft kind of talent, he’s certainly not a bust either. Hopefully for his sake he can stay healthy. I’m sure Pacer fans will love him for a long time. (Lord knows they love Jeff Foster.)

My final thought of the game will revolve around Tyreke Evans, and the Free Throws that iced the game. In the last minute, out of 6 attempts, Tyreke made 5. If you’re going to be a franchise player in this league, you need to be money at the line when it counts. Tyreke was money tonight. As Paul Westphal said,” I guess it wasn’t luck last month for Tyreke, he can play in December too.” Yup. Yup. Yup.

If you want some comedy, watch Tyreke mumble untangle the headphone as he’s talking (he’s a multi-tasker!):

But this was something that warmed my heart to hear Tyreke Evans say: “Guys are hurt, and still come out and (are) playing well. I’m really proud of my team.” Yep, we’re proud too Easy Reke. We’re proud too.


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