Posted by: Kingsguru21 | December 6, 2009

Game #19: Miami Heat at Kings

One of the beauties about writing your preview after Tom Ziller is that you can take notes. Joel Anthony blocks shots; Check. Jermaine O’Neal is out tonight; Check. Dwyane Wade superstar; Check.

Okay, I’m kidding.

But TZ makes a great point in his preview today about the recent consternation over the Kings suddenly tougher schedule: Why be afraid of Miami? As TZ pointed out, the Heat are 18th in offensive and defensive efficiency, and to compound this mediocrity the Heat play at the 4th slowest pace in the NBA. (It makes you wonder if the Heat slow dance with the old ladies at the senior citizen’s homes in West Palm Beach on their days off.)

Getting back to the tougher schedule portion a bit: Why be afraid of the Heat? My only thinking on this point was that after the mass beatdown that was 08-09 Kings fans like TZ or myself have gone into shell defensive mode despite our giddiness of the Baby Royals returning to mediocrity up until this point. Simply put years past have made us defensive about predicting victories, and well, I’m not giving that up. I maintain my right to think the opponent could beat you, and that nervousness will never go away. Even when the Kings were winning 50+ games, I was always nervous that way. What can I say? I’m a neggie nancy.

Okay, now onto the game itself.

As mentioned up top, Jermaine O’Neal isn’t playing due to a family issue. That means Joel Anthony, and probably Udonis Haslem, will be manning the middle. Like last night. Spencer Hawes and Jason Thompson MUST be effective for the Kings to win. If Spencer can’t find a way to get some of these looks inside to go down, I don’t know what the Kings will do. A 7 footer, no matter how good a shooter he is, cannot simply play on the 3 point line against every opponent.

Like last night against Phoenix, I don’t think you’ll see many TO’s because the Kings tend to commit Turnover’s against high Turnover forcing teams. Also, the Kings don’t tend to force a lot of Turnover’s themselves so that helter skelter style doesnt tend to suit the Kings either. On the other hand with Jermaine O’Neal, the Heat might loosen those reins and play a quicker style to suit the rest of the Heat who could benefit playing that style.

I think the Key Match up of the game will be the Hawes/Thompson tandem vs Haslem/Beasley/Anthony and whoever plays better gets the Kings the victory.

I ain’t gonna lie: I’m looking forward a great deal to seeing Tyreke Evans and Dwyane Wade hook up against each other for the first time. I’m reallllllllllly looking forward to that.

I think the keys to the game will be:

1) Rebounding: Miami is a middle of the road defensive rebounding team and a below average offensive rebounding team. You have to exploit this to win games.
2) Don’t let Michael Beasley go off. Beasley hasn’t been spectacular this season, but he hasn’t been chronically awful either. if Beas gets off, it’s because the Heat will be beating the Kings in most facet’s of the game. (Or, because Beas hits his J’s.)
3) Turning the ball over. As per usual, this team gives itself a chance to put the ball in the hole more often when they don’t turn the ball over. The ball movement exerts itself, and the Kings can get quality shots against any opponent. However, if the Kings get Helter Skelter that they can’t control the game effectively, the Kings are screwed.
4) Pushing the pace will be necessary. Miami isn’t particularly deep, and while the Kings won’t have more energy than the Heat will, they’ll have to get contributions from everyone in the rotation. The good news is that most players for the Kings have been contributing at a high level, and this makes the Kings formidable.

So, yeah. I’m spent. Writing 750 words is hard work I tell ya. Opponent viewpoints: Peninsula is Mightier, and Hot Hot Hoops should do you just fine.

Game is at 6pm PST. TV is CSNCA and Radio is 1140. Enjoy!



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