Posted by: Kingsguru21 | December 20, 2009

Tyreke Evans layup (and Kings) beat Bucks 96-95

I know the headline sucks. Furthermore, as proof I’m a copycat artist (as opposed to being original), I’m going to steal a line from TZ’s recap: “Bailed out by a Star.”

If that doesn’t tell you sort of what happened, or whom in turn preformed these bailing out motions, I really can’t help you. You don’t know jack squat diddily about the Baby Royals.

Here’s the more important line that TZ made that strikes a real chord with me:

It’s not often you can actually see poor defensive rebounding finish off a team. Usually, the poor defensive rebounding puts the team in question in a bad position at the end of the game, and something else spells explicit doom. But, had it not been for the irrepressible Tyreke Evans, who made mincemeat pie of stud Bucks center Andrew Bogut on the game-winning bucket, this game would have been settled by Sacramento’s terrible defensive rebounding.

How many times had we seen this (bad defensive rebounding kill the Kings) play out over the years? First, I’d like to make it clear. The bad rebounding (and the 1 defensive board by Hawes) last night at the end contributed to the margin. But, last night was a screwy game in every way imaginable.

If I wasn’t at a sports bar full of stupid ass nutty Cowboys & Saints fans watching the fucking game all over the damn sports bar I was at (MVP’s at 17th & Capitol), I would tell you exactly why a few foul calls (like one wasn’t called on Brandon Jennings tripping over Tyreke Evans with 9 secs left), or why JT’s And1 continuation was called.

Let me make this clear: It was bad officiating last night (from the TV I could see 25 feet away in that damn forsaken football bar) and it was bad officiating for both teams. If Officiating made a huge difference in this outcome of the game, the only way for me to tell you that was if I watched the game with far more observation than I was capable last night.

For the most part though, I’ll let others complain about the officiating. Bucks fans, other fans looking to nit pick, or whomever else. Non-perfect officiating happens. But, nobody ever seems to notice when good officiating happens. Would that be a precise definition of a conundrum, perhaps?

Either way, I was screaming amongst this bar (as loud as some of the other fans–but not being obnoxious about it–I was the only one aware of Tyreke Evans GW shot in a sports bar in Sacramento) about Tyreke Evans shot. It was rather funny, but telling, too. If I have to fight to get a TV for the Kings, even when the Cowboys-Saints are playing, in a Sacramento sports bar, how far have they sunk with the locals? To depths unspeakable. Cowboys-Saints?

Then again, maybe I’m an idiot who forgets the NFL has generally more popular with general fans than the NBA is. In December, with a 13-0 team, and another very popular (nationally) team in the Cowboys, yeah, that spoke disaster.

Still, it was funny. The Boxscore. (Sorry about the 4 factors. Monday vs Chicago I promise.)

Onto the game points:

* Sergio Rodriguez didn’t play. And, he isn’t better than Beno Udrih or Tyreke Evans. Since Milwaukee wasn’t really playing 3 G lineup’s much of the night, there wasn’t any real advantage to bringing Sergio in as far as I can tell.

* I think the point I stole borrowed from TZ said it all about the rebounding. But, the biggest point that I haven’t seen said (in my view) was that until the final minute, the game had been tied in rebounding. The Kings didn’t grab (as far as I can tell) a rebound in the final minute, and that contributed to the margin. Still, porous rebounding does not win games.

* Tyreke Evans last night: 9-19 floor (hit 1 3 and 5-7 FT’s), 24 points, 7 boards (2 o boards), 6 TO’s, 3 assists and 2 steal’s. Yeah, I think he sucks.

Conversely, however, Brandon Jennings tallied 15 points on 4-11 shooting (1-2 from 3 and 6-6 FT’s), 9 assists, 1 TO, 6 boards (3 o boards–no doubt helped by the final minute), and had a steal to boot.

As players, they are not the same. As rookies, they’ve been exceptional (more often than not in Evans’ case), and to a lesser degree in Jennings case. Both are good players. What separates Evans from Jennings (and a lot of players to be frank) is his defensive abilities.

So my point? Let’s shutup about Jennings time in the sun, and recognize that Evans will keep getting his if wins like this continue to occur.


* With all the talk about Tyreke Evans’ heroics, Jason Thompson’s half hook, plus the baseline J, and the FT that magically was awarded on a layup, can’t be overlooked. JT’s brilliance at the end of the game offensively kept the Kings in a position to let Tyreke Evans, become, well, God.

But, JT was also on the floor during that final minute when the Kings were getting out-boarded (as was Hawes minus the final 20 secs), and that’s a bitter pill.

Still? I’ll take it. Great, not good, game by JT. For those who weren’t aware, JT also picked up 4 assists.

* Beno Udrih had 16 points off the bench. Consistently, he is looking like the weapon the Kings were hoping for to emerge when they signed him to the Full Mid Level in July 2008. It’s funny how talent in Tyreke Evans brings that out and makes the fit work so well.

* I still desperately want Kevin Martin and Francisco Garcia on this team.

* Most quirky stat of the game: Donte Greene with 6 boards (all defensive).

* I wish Andres Nocioni made more shots. But, he didn’t. And that’s okay too. It happens.

* I happened to be listening to Gary Gerould do the post game interview with Beno Udrih, and Beno sounded THRILLED to playing with Tyreke. He called him amazing several times, and, yeah, that was awesome.

Onto the youtubeness:

Tyreke Evans talking to Peaches & JR:

Post Game Chatter from Players:

Paul Westphal:

Read Brew Hoop’s and Bucksetball’s recap’s.

Okay, that’s all I got. Enjoy.


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