Posted by: Kingsguru21 | December 26, 2009

Game #29: Los Angeles Lakers at Kings

Tonight, the unquestioned evil Los Angeles Lakers walk into town off the heels of a bad defeat yesterday, on Xmas, to the Cavaliers. These same Lakers, who’ve played a lot of home games early on in this NBA season, also happen to have the NBA’s best record.

Apparently, Ron Artest is out tonight.

The Kings coming into tonight play at the 8th fastest pace, the 9th ranked offense, and the 27th ranked defense. Meanwhile the 23-5 Lakers, including last night’s loss, rate 6th in pace, 15th in offensive rating, and 2nd in defensive rating. All in all, easy peazy.

Because of Artest’s head injury I expect Lamar Odom to be the starter at SF. I also expect the wonderful size advantage the Kings have had in the past to go away because, other than Tyreke Evans, the Kings don’t really have much of an advantage elsewhere in the starting unit.

I also expect the battle of the benches to play a huge part. If the Lakers play at anything near their A level, forget it. No analysis changes that they are the defending champions for a reason. They defend, they can score, they have the Mamba, and they have the fact they are the magnificent Los Angeles Lakers.

Usually I would say there isn’t much point to analysis, but tonight there isn’t. Either the Lakers don’t play well enough to win and the Kings play out of their minds and sneak a victory from the Lakers. Or, it doesn’t happen. Do I much care? Nope. Just another 1 of 82 as far as I’m concerned. (Do not confuse this with not wanting the Kings to win. I do.)

I do look forward to seeing Hawes & Thompson play together vs Andrew Bynum and Pau Gasol. Bynum & Gasol struggled against Cleveland yesterday, and will probably be out for some blood tonight with JT & Shawes in their sights. Good, I say. That’s what our Baby Royals need. Some of the best players in the league looking to destroy us. That won’t make the Kings any more competitive tonight, but lessons learned today can provide value tomorrow.

Game is at 7, TV is CSNCA and Radio is 1140. Enjoy!



  1. […] We just went through this 6 days ago. This time, though, I get to peruse the game using my broadband (woohooo) instead of finding devious (and crappy) ways to watch games. While I was in Sac, I watched 2 games at my grandmother’s house, 2 games at a sports bar that only seemingly cares about football, and a couple on crappy web streams that interrupted at exactly the right time. […]

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