Posted by: Kingsguru21 | December 29, 2009

Geoff Petrie signs a 3 year contract extension

According to this Amick blog post, Petrie had his extension finalized today.

Yesterday, Amick actually broke the news that Petrie was going to get an extension.

My first thoughts based on what I’ve read in Amick’s column: Is there going to be an internal fight for control between Jason Levien and Mike Petrie (Geoff’s son)? My hope is no. I have no problem if Levien took over as the GM, but at this point would that be wise to expect that of Mike Petrie? Not saying he can’t do anything because he clearly has value within the organization.

But really I think it just means that Geoff Petrie could be the executive for the next 3 seasons at the longest, and/or bow out to a Jason Levien and/or Mike Petrie. Perhaps, and this is always the best case scenario. The younger Petrie and Levien are the new generation of Kings management for the years to come.

Now, here is everything else in bullet form.

* This extension is a no brainer for each side. The Maloof’s never showed any inclination of wanting Geoff Petrie to leave the organization.

* I think one reason Geoff Petrie held out on signing this extension was that it gave more power to see the franchise through this rough patch and leave it to the potential successor in house with a better situation than what Geoff himself faced this past summer in the draft and what not.

* I found it interesting that Spencer was not mentioned by Geoff Petrie. I wonder why. It could be a simple mistake, or something more. I don’t pretend to know what goes on in Geoff Petrie’s brain, but still I find it curious.

* Joe Maloof said it very directly, and Gavin Maloof certainly hinted at this as well, that franchise dysfunction never helps a franchise, that being on the same page with all levels of the team that ownership has to be associated with is a must. And this is currently true with the Kings franchise.

* Geoff Petrie mentioned that he values trait’s such as loyalty and trustworthiness. The Kings front office staff works well together, and I dare say they were the best part of the franchise in the previous 3 seasons.

* I think Paul Westphal being there (as one of the people there) was a big issue. I don’t think it means that Paul Westphal will be kept by the organization, but little things matter in the real world. It’s a small detail that says that Paul Westphal supports his boss in whatever way he can in a good moment.

* The 3 year extension tells me that Geoff Petrie, who was not considering an extension last year at this time (or I highly doubt he was–there were plenty of signals that suggested he would consider retirement next summer) , is now comfortable enough to stick around 3 more years before retirement and walk into the sun. That’s both good news for Geoff Petrie, the Maloof’s, and any potential successor (inside or outside the franchise–usually teams prefer to have the successor in house before the predecessor retires).

* Because the money situation is better than it was a year ago, the Maloof’s don’t need to force Geoff Petrie to make financially related poor basketball decisions. This is huge.

* Last but not least, it suggests that the Maloof’s have learned their lessons of meddling, that Geoff Petrie managed to continue to have their trust with continued dedication on their part, and that the basketball decision is by and large Geoff Petrie’s. For all concerned (including the Maloof’s), this is the best possible outcome basketball management wise. Geoff Petrie is not perfect, but not having to deal with a coaching staff that he did not choose is not only important. It’s beyond imperative and critical to say the least.

Geoff Petrie is a guy who values a lot of things (loyalty, competence, honesty among others), but he’s also a calm, patient man in a business that causes hyper-tension as much as it causes slam dunks. Geoff Petrie has created a powerful niche that everyone involved can’t imagine the Sacramento Kings without him. Personally, that suggests that the difference between 1.5 and 4 million dollars means almost nothing when given the legacy that Petrie holds in Sacramento.

What was at stake was the legacy of Petrie, and the franchise. Petrie’s legacy of the building of the earlier teams of this decade is not in question; just the total legacy period. One more positive step (in a 6 months jam packed full of them) was finalized today with Petrie’s extension. Oh Kudos for doing so at the Riverside Club. Cool place. Good day for all involved.


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