Posted by: Kingsguru21 | December 30, 2009

Game #31: Philadelphia 76ers at Kings

The city of brotherly love (or 215 assholes as I like to think of them) strolls in tonight to the ‘ole gas pump.

The Sixers are, umm, bad. They suck. With impunity no less. Philly hates them so much (which is saying something since this is Philly) they won’t go to the games unless Allen Iverson is involved.

The Sixers are actually worse on defense, a bit worse onThe Kings offense, and are slower than a North Pole glacier melting. The Kings are 8th in pace, 11th in o-efficiency, and 26th in d-efficiency.

Ironically enough, the Sixers are great at o-boarding, and bad at d-boarding. Just like the Kings. Shockingly ironic.

As far as matchup’s, Andre Igoudala will be an interesting matchup for Donte Greene. I don’t know how many times I can say this, but Donte is the most athletic player on the team.

The fact that Donte can defend a player like Igoudala (who always has been tough on the Kings historically because of how athletic he is) and help neutralize him helps the Kings far more than one might realize. Not having to double onto a player like Iggy is always a bonus for a bad defensive team. Donte’s development (and ability to play the 2, 3 or 4 defensively) will make this team better eventually.

Jason Thompson MUST have a big game for the Kings to win. It’s no accident that leap JT needed to make has been made (even though I’d argue Spence has more skills and talents on both ends than JT does; what JT does well he does more consistently than Spence) and it’s showing well when JT has strong games. There are players who play well when the game is on the line, and there are players who put up stats. JT is definitely in the former category.

Marresse Speights is a quality young player (drafted 4 spots after JT in the 2008 draft at 16 overall) who has many reasonable qualities, JT & Speights should be a fun matchup to watch.

Spencer Hawes vs Sammy Dalembert could get interesting, and if Spence can hit his outside shots vs Sammy it should open up the lane for JT more if he does so.

Telling you, though, that Spencer Hawes needing to hit his jump shots is not news. He needs to do so consistently, and if he does not do so he doesn’t have as much value otherwise.

I’m going to guess that Tyreke Evans is a gametime decision. So, rather than speculate and say he won’t play (I would say 70-30 odds that Tyreke doesn’t play–the 30 being that he trys to play every game, and that the game is against the Sixers working against him). I’ll just say I hope Tyreke Evans plays every game he can for the Kings.

So, I hope Tyreke plays, and hope he doesn’t hurt his ankle again if he does play. I hope Beno plays well in Tyreke’s absence (as he did at Houston and against Denver on Monday), and that the bench continues to play hard and effectively. Andres Nocioni can always score 21 in my view.

Philadelphia is a team with some athletes, a high salary player under-performing, an over the hill ex-star, and some youthful parrots on a pear tree……

The Kings should beat the Sixers tonight with or without Tyreke Evans if they bring focus and energy. The Kings aren’t good enough to beat teams solely on talent (yet), but the intensity and focus is difficult for any team to match up with. The Kings have been pretty consistent with their performance in area’s, but Philly is also the same team that beat Portland in Portland a few nights ago. A wounded warrior, regardless of how dangerous he really is, is always dangerous for that one moment things are going just the right way.

Should be an interesting game, but really tonight is a must-win game for a team, like the Kings, that is trying to win every game. If they do not win, it’s not the end of the world. But, it’s also not worthwhile to see this team making a leap if they cannot beat a team at home that has struggled on the year and is currently 8-22 coming into tonight. So, umm, Go Kings?


Game is at 7. TV is CSNCA and Radio is 1140. Enjoy!

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