Posted by: Kingsguru21 | December 31, 2009

Kings lose to Sixers in uneven effort 116-106

First off, here’s the box score. This is going to be short. (Like hopefully 5000 words or less.)

I didn’t see much of the game last night because I was playing cards with my mother, brother & grandmother at her house. While I tried watching the game, yeah that’s how well it went. Plus, I knew the Kings couldn’t hold the lead and I couldn’t really figure out why.

First, the Kings missed Tyreke Evans a lot last night. And while Captain Obvious should be jumping out of the bushes and screaming ,” No Duh, asswipe”; (and this isn’t in question I might add) he might point out that when you miss your best player sometimes making a long term adjustment is what your lesser talented players have to do. And, some of that adjustment came last night.

None of this, however, doesn’t point out the Kings need a lot of help on defense, still. Still. It’s not going to get much better this season unless Jason Thompson or Spencer Hawes dramatically improves on that end this season. Brockman for what he is, is not a defensive stopper. Physical, yes. Rebounds the shit out of the ball, yes. But he isn’t much of a threat to really stop a guy who can take the pounding (or have a guy like Elton Brand who can absorb it somewhat) or when a team is playing 4 on 5 offensively like the Kings are on the court. And, Sergio Rodriguez, Beno Udrih among others are not your best defenders either.

Too many players, in too many fashions, have weaknesses defensively. But why is this that much of a surprise? We knew it wasn’t very likely this group would tear it up defensively. And, last night was proof #1!

So, as long as we understand this group will never tear it up defensively we’ll be okay. Okay? Okay.

As far as solutions, I think TZ took a good whack (at the ole ballgame style) at it this morning with his own recap, and nada.

My solution? Pray for Derrick Favors. Mommy, Daddy, Jesus Christ and Mickey Mouse should pray for Derrick Favors if they are Kings fans.

The beauty of strong interior defense is that there is intimidation and/or the actual blocked shot consistently. But, you already knew that. I know you did!

So, last night? Fuck last night. Chalk it up to a team missing it’s 2 best players offensively, and perhaps 2 or 4 or 5 actual NBA quality defenders in Tyreke Evans and Kevin Martin.

Sometimes, when you’re riding high you play well. (Or usually as the case were.) But this team has essentially fallen back to earth, as we leave 2009, a bit with the losses against the Cavs and Lakers (not surprising as they were), and the way the team has lost some games at Arco (like Chicago for instance) reminds somewhat of last night.

It’s worth reminding ourselves this team has several steps to take, and there will be some tears among the eggs broken to break the pretty omelet. Last night was one of those nights.

God bless card playing with your Grandmother.


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