Posted by: Kingsguru21 | January 1, 2010

Game #32: Kings at Los Angeles Lakers

Given the great migration of my spirit (and self) to the Pac NW, I’m going to make this quick as I don’t feel like making this longer and more unbearable than usual. Or, maybe not. Sometimes I just don’t give a shit. So falling in tradition with playing a song with some kind of connection to the locale in which the Kings may or may not stray into, here goes:

We just went through this 6 days ago. This time, though, I get to peruse the game using my broadband (woohooo) instead of finding devious (and crappy) ways to watch games. While I was in Sac, I watched 2 games at my grandmother’s house, 2 games at a sports bar that only seemingly cares about football, and a couple on crappy web streams that interrupted at exactly the right time.

Sounds exactly like home, only broadband is directly in the path of my wrath anger tornado.

Obviously this game hinges on whether Tyreke Evans is healthy. I suspect we won’t know that until game time, and even then I suspect he simply doesn’t play. Amick had this in today’s paper:

Geoff Petrie knows all too well the trappings of youth because, well, he got trapped.

Early in a six-year career cut short by knee injuries, Portland’s scoring dynamo had a badly sprained ankle that had taken him out of action. So he got sneaky, convincing the Blazers trainer who had a background in hockey to tape the ankle in quasi-cast style as if he was about to hit the ice.

“He did it so I could run around practice,” the Kings basketball president recalled Thursday. “But (Blazers officials) found out and were going to fire this person. Sometimes your heart gets ahead of your head.”

Nearly 40 years later, that’s precisely the approach he doesn’t want his young star to take. Kings rookie guard Tyreke Evans will likely miss today’s game against the Lakers, as his right ankle injury continues to pester him much as Kobe Bryant did six days ago.

Key Matchup’s: Front Line (Bynum/Gasol vs Hawes/Thompson) and how well the Kings front line scores from the perimeter and rebounds defensively.

Without Evans, I don’t think the Kings have a chance of winning for a variety of reason’s.

  • A) Tyreke Evans is the Kings best player (without question at this point)
  • B) Tyreke Evans is one of the best offensive players this team has, and creates more matchup problem’s offensively than anyone on the Kings
  • C) The Kings are on the road

I hope for a Kings victory tonight, but I’m not counting on it. It’s going to take a herculean effort tonight and tomorrow (with Dallas coming into town Saturday) to get a victory the next 2 nights.

But, I repeat: This is a good thing. For all you “let’s trade Kevin Martin” folk, it will just help reinforce whatever belief you have the Kings can win without Kevin Martin. Well, the Kings had a much softer schedule in the first 2 months than they do in January.

In January, the Kings play the Lakers (tonight), Mavericks (tomorrow), Suns (next Tuesday), Golden State (next friday), Denver (the follow night–Saturday), Orlando the following Tuesday, and then a 6 game road trip comes! Yay!

As I say, January is brutal (not that this is news to anyone who actually looked at the schedule). We’ll know how well this Kings team will survive after this month, and survival is the name of the game.

The Kings will either survive, or completely drop off the face of the map. Tonight is the start of such journey. And, despite what some talking mouths may say, losses may mount up. This doesn’t mean, however, that the Kings will have failed. It will prove that Paul Westphal can’t end famine, disease and death.

You can get Lakers POV at Silver Screen & Roll and Forum Blue & Gold. (Among others.)

Game is at 7:30 PST, TV is CSNCA and Radio is 1140. Enjoy!


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