Posted by: Kingsguru21 | January 3, 2010

Can the Kings make any moves at the trade deadline? Who is most likely to be moved?

The headline is vague, but that’s on purpose. I didn’t want to write another Andres Nocioni trade rumor and have it be totally off as I’ve done recently.

The problem with the Miami trade idea was that the Heat want to garner as much space possible to get a max Free Agent (even with Wade’s massive cap hold). There is no way that is possible with Noc’s contract on the roster.

Also, the problem with the Clippers is that they won’t want to pay a guy they don’t have to until they have to. That’s always been Donald Sterling’s MO, and this decade (despite more money being spent) that has not changed.

The Philly deal with Sammy Dalembert did mention Noc, but that was with Noc going to Boston.

I maintain that Noc is the most likely player to be traded this deadline if only because he no longer has long term fit in the team plans. (Not that this is a surprise.) I think Francisco Garcia MAY end up being moved this summer once the BYC no longer is applicable.

So what scenario do you think benefits the Kings most?

Here’s an idea: Sammy Dalembert and Willie Green for Andres Nocioni and Kenny Thomas.

It’s not the best idea in the world (Sixer fans are guaranteed to hate it) but it could help both sides in multiple ways.

The first is roster fit. Nocioni is a combo F who bombs away from the outside. It could help make Eddie Jordan’s offense run smoother if Noc could hit 3’s at a reasonable rate. Also, the Sixers would get a player who is clearly more suited for an up-tempo type team than a slow it down one. (The problem here is that the Sixers are a slow it down team up to this point.) Plus, Noc is also underrated as a ball handler, and one of the skills that Omri Casspi has shown recently is improvement in that area. (One of the reasons that Noc’s minutes have decreased from what I’ve seen.)

The main reason Philly does this is money. As in a bit of long term money saved, and a chance to cut down the money owed to the roster next season. It does hurt Philly in the 2011 off-season as Dalembert and Green are expiring contracts (Green has a player option he very likely will not consider exercising). But if Philly is pushing against Luxury Tax next season, they may feel that having an expiring contract to cut some of that off the books early is a wise decision.

The only question I have at this point is would the Kings be willing to take maybe 5 million more (with more salary and Dalembert’s trade kicker) to dump Noc’s contract and get a player that could be a valuable asset come the 2011 trade deadline.

It would also effectively destroy any 2010 cap space for the Kings, but also open up a lot of cap space for a quality Free Agent in the 2011 off-season. (I respectively submit that 2011 is a far better opportunity FOR THE KINGS to gain a player on the Free Agent market.)

I think Philly does this deal, but I don’t know if Sacramento would. Dalembert would give the Kings a reasonable big man for this season and next, but at the cost I wonder would the Kings do so.

Is there anybody else on the Kings roster likely to be moved?

Sean May could be moved as a throw in for any team that would want him. But I stress that would be a throw in and shouldn’t be a considered anything but a throw-in at this point.

Kenny Thomas would be moved in conjunction with Noc, but I heavily doubt the Kings will take on extra money with Noc still on the roster.

Francisco Garcia being BYC all but eliminates him from being moved until July 1st.

So, the short answer is, Noc and K9 are pretty much the 2 strong candidates to be moved. Maybe Sean May is included, maybe not, but it doesn’t really matter from a financial standpoint is Sean May is moved.

Are there any other potential suitors for Noc?

Not very likely unless Boston becomes interested again. Even then, it’s difficult to envision how Boston would give up expiring contracts to get Noc and still keep the players they wish to keep at this point.

Even with Boston’s injuries across the board, it’s extremely difficult to imagine how they would feel that giving up 3 small expiring contracts to acquire Noc is the right move. They might feel otherwise of course; I have no way of knowing this.

We shall see what will happen in the future. My guess is that the Kings will do everything they can to save money on Noc’s contract first & foremost. Everything else is secondary.

So in the final analysis: What?

So pretty much it’s Philly or bust (I think) for Noc, and even then that’s probably well wishing on my part. I don’t really care if Noc is moved or not because I know it would be a difficult proposition for the Kings to do in order to improve themselves. I think the extra money to acquire Dalembert is something that I think makes some sense given that the Kings don’t have exactly an over-expensive roster. Very few moves are available where you can get a position of need (especially when big men cost big $$$ to acquire), and even less are available if a team has a position of strength.

There is also the fact that what is in it for Philly if they aren’t saving money? To help the Kings? The Sixers franchise doesn’t exactly exist to make the Kings fanbase wish list get what it wants. There’s a give & take, and while the give is Dalembert, the take is about 5 million extra the Kings will have to take on to do the deal. That’s the NBA, and life. You get what you pay for. It’s a risk, and it may not work. Is it a risk the Kings are willing to take on? Only the Maloof’s and Geoff Petrie. If you get them to talk about a deal before they consummate such a deal, you are a real person of genius.

I do think it’s possible the Kings could move a Donte Greene or Omri Casspi to deal away Noc, but why? What does the receiving team get in that? (Especially if that team has a SF or two on the roster.)

Should be interesting to say the least. But I wouldn’t hold your breath to see a deal getting done. It’s not very likely, and it’s even more likely that any deal that does get done will not be discussed by any of us until it actually happens. (Especially when the final deal is consummated.)

Sigh. Such is life as a Kings fan. Even prospective deals aren’t that much fun to talk about right now because of the limitations of how few players the Kings would actually deal at this point. But, guess what? That means you have a quality roster. And this roster will get better as time marches on.

So, is that the point? Why, yes, yes it is.



  1. Hey Pook- Happy new Year, hope you get the groove back soon.

    I could see the Kings moving Noc for just about any expirings, I can even see why the Dalembert trade makes some sense as say, opposed to the Okafur trade.

    As much as I’d hate to see him go from a fan’s viewpoint, from a basketball perspective Cisco has become redundant and as the summer progresses I wouldn’t be surprised to see him moved.

    I don’t think we will make a qualifying offer to Sergio, as entertaining as he is, I don’t see him being an important piece, especially at close to $3mil. Letting Sergio walk almost offsets the projected drop in the cap.

    I’m surprised Sean May hasn’t been bought out and released, the team is probably keeping him around for trade and practice purposes and as cheap big man insurance but honestly we could probably do as well with Rod Benson or any of the not quite (or never) ready big men from the NBADL.

    Obviously, K9 either walks or is traded but I really can’t see us trading Donté or especially Omri unless that trade was going to get us a big time vet skilled enough to help get us to the next level.

    Any player is trade able at almost anytime if the price is right from either a financial flexibility standpoint or because the FO believes that he can be part of a trade that will improve the team more than his departure hurts.

    At his juncture I just don’t see the team trading either é or Omri but what the heck do I know.

    Been great seeing your increased presence over at StR. I’ve been lurking alot but not posting because My RA has been super flared up and I’ve been mostly too sore to type or fatigued enough that I haven’t been able to stay awake for games.

    Best wishes for a great year homez, the last part of 09 has been pretty damn exciting from a King’s fan POV. Hope to see you at a game thread soon.

    • Damn BJ! It’s good to see you again. I always appreciate your insightful (not to mention thoughtful–but insight & thought go hand in hand most of the time) comments around here & StR (or anywhere else for that matter).

      You’re absolutely right about the commenting & what not @ StR; glad I went back. It wasn’t the original intention, but it worked out the right way.

      As far as Sean May vs Rod Benson, I’m absolutely positive that the Kings considered the positive & negative of that move. I think the idea about Benson is seeing what he brings. But I suspect it’s a bit like Orien Greene vs Beno Udrih. Who would you rather have all things considered?

      You may be right about Cisco, but that’s a bridge that may have to be considered as an alternative to keeping Cisco. Cisco may have more value than Noc, but I doubt it. I’m willing to bet their value is pretty similar and the Kings can move one, or the other, or even both at some point. None of the above would surprise me.

      I don’t care what happens with Sergio this season; he’s always been as good as gone by the end of the season.

      That all being said, Omri & Donte make 2 million year. If that isn’t cost effective in NBA terms, what is?

      Good to see ya BJ. Hope you start feeling better soon.

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