Posted by: Kingsguru21 | January 9, 2010

Game #36: Denver Nuggets at Kings

Last night it was the Golden State Dubs, and tonight it’s the Denver Nuggets. Fortunately, the Kings get the Nuggets without Carmelo Anthony OR Chauncey Billups. But, if last night teaches the Kings (and us dutiful Baby Royals fans), taking anyone for granted is always a poor decision.

The Nuggets, based primarily on the abilities of one Melo and Chauncey, are a pretty good team. But, without them the All-Star duo are not the same team. (Shocking I know.)

A good piece of news to know is that the Nuggets do not have it any easier (one could argue they have it much worse) as the Nuggets played in Denver last night vs the Cleveland Cavaliers. So, don’t complain about back 2 back’s when it gets tough for the Kings. Every team plays 82, and every team has tough breaks in the schedule.

For some Denver Nuggets info, check out Roundball Mining Company (a blog I do not check nearly enough), and Denver Stiffs as well. Both provide a quality outlook about the Nuggz.

Game is at 7pm, TV is CSNCA (or Altitude Sports if you’re in the Denver area), and Radio is 1140. (I don’t care what radio station the Nuggets are on.) Anyway, Enjoy!


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