Posted by: Kingsguru21 | January 11, 2010

Hilton Armstrong is being traded to the Kings

First things first. Armstrong has been traded to the Kings says Sam Amick, and I imagine the deal is being finalized as I write this. Apparently the deal is for a 2016 2nd round pick that’s protected. (Basically, nothing.) I think TZ already hit the most important parts of the playing aspect (via the numbers angle) than I could so I suggest reading that if you have not.

I’ll hit this mostly from the salary cap angle, or as much of it as I can. Unfortunately I’m somewhat pressed for time so I do not have the time to delve into this very much (nor do I really care to honestly; it’s Hilton Armstrong) more than a few cursory questions.

Why do this deal now? Clearly the move was to save money for New Orleans who cut 2.8 million off their luxury tax bill. But, really, does that help Sacramento that much?

I’ve already said in multiple ways that I don’t think the Kings have cap room. But, in order to do this deal as Amick has represented it, the Kings MUST have cap room. I’m not so much angry that I’m wrong here; I wasn’t so much going out on a limb but wondering how is it the Kings had cap room without showing the signs in order to do so.

They didn’t renounce any Free Agents as far as I can tell. That’s the big one. Maybe Corliss Williamson and Bobby Jackson both put in retirement papers over the summer, but I haven’t heard one iota about such. If that’s the case, Jackson & Williamson are still on the cap in terms of their cap hold.

Is Calvin Booth still on the cap? I don’t think it’s a big issue because he was making the veterans minimum last season, but at the same time what’s the deal?

This would also mean the Kings would not have the Mid Level Exception or Bi-Annual Exception. Or, would it? (I say no.)

It’s times like these that make me wish Larry Coon would around. Oh well. (I’ll admit I’m partially consoled by the Turkey StirFry I just made.)

Here’s the point: Don’t be surprised if this transaction takes a couple days to sort out as the Kings sort of tie up these kind of loose end’.


Now, to some other questions that will inevitably come up.

Can Hilton Armstrong be packaged with Andres Nocioni or another player in a trade.

Technically, no. It doesn’t keep the Kings from being able to trade Armstrong by the trade deadline, BUT IT DOES LIMIT the type of trades the Kings can perform if the team chooses to move Armstrong again by the trade deadline.

This is the restriction: Armstrong can’t be packaged with any player to make a deal period. He can be traded for 1 player (or players who equal up to his salary), but he can’t be packaged with any other player on the Kings roster (or another player from the Hornets if this was a multi-player trade–obviously that isn’t the case in this instance).

Does the 125% + 100K rule apply to the Kings now that they’ve used their cap room?

Actually, no it shouldn’t. A team is over the cap, or under the cap. Usually you can’t apply a mechanism, like the Traded Player Exception, to the Kings when they’re under the cap.

Anyway, this is all I have time to do right now.



  1. Hi Pookey, it’s Rhondda Nunes…dig the name of your blog; found it in google(ironically)under the title of “Gotta love your Sacramento Kings”…

    So this new guy that the Kings picked up…Hilton Armstrong…why do the Kings need him, exactly?What is his skill set?I don’t remember ever hearing anything about him before.

    • Well Rhonda, he’s played for the Hornets for the last 3 1/2 seasons, and he’s decently okay at shot blocking, interior defense, supposedly has a turnaround J (I can’t verify this) and little else. I wonder if he’s as good as Kenny Thomas truthfully, but that’s me.

      I suggest clicking on the link to TZ’s article as he breaks down with numbers pretty well and better than I could.

      Glad to see you’re still around Rhonda! I’ve wondered what happened to you. Hope your music is going on as well as ever.

  2. The music is going well…a cover band I play with won “best in San Joaquin” and I’ve won an ASCAP+ grant for the second year in a row. I’ve been “advised” to keep my nose to the grindstone & all that…

    but I miss blogging & all work & no play would make Rhondda a dull & boring girl; so I’m gonna try to fit in some time for that.

    Seems like there’s little downside to this deal from the money standpoint; tho’ 3 rebounds averaged per game doesn’t seem very inspiring…if it “inspires” Spencer Hawes to play batter ‘D’ & clog up the lane more & block shots because of the competition, hey, it’s money well spent.

    • Glad to hear about your music. There’s never enough Kobe haters in the world.

      I don’t think Hilton Armstrong will inspire Spence though. I really don’t. The problem as I see it is that Armstrong is actually a worse rebounder than Spence is. The only thing Armstrong has that Spence could use is athleticism, and if Spence had that I’m convinced he would have gone top 3 in the 2007 draft. Maybe top 5 at the worst.

      But, one of the beauties of this game is we get to see how it all plays out.

      • Spence could be a very good player if he takes up his ‘d’ a few levels…already he’s a great passer, and has a lot of offensive gifts..I think he could develop into a Pau Gasol type of player because of his versatility. you are right about the rebounding, I’d just like to see him pester other players with his length more and block more shots because i think he’s capable of playing even better & even smarter as he gets more experienced.

        As for Armstrong,I think kenny Thomas is a better rebounder…but hey, maybe he’ll prove me wrong and play more like the player he was in college. Wouldn’t hurt him, for sure. Ditto about Sean may too.

        But not Udoka…I’m pleasantly surprised by what he’s doing since it’s more than I expected(kudos to you, Ime udoka!(sp?).

        • You’ve spelled Ime Udoka’s name correctly; don’t worry about that.

          I’m not worried about Armstrong one way or the other. At worst he’s a free risk. At best, he’s part of a solution moving forward. No harm in trying to help yourself get better since it costs you nothing to do so.

        • I disagree about Spencer’s post defense though. I think other than Kenny Thomas (who isn’t playing again), Spence’s post defense is the best on the Kings.

          Spencer has his faults (some of which I’m documented, here, & at StR (if you still read that). But to me his post defense and his intangibles rank right up there with his greatest strengths (which include his passing as well).

  3. Well, we can agree to disagree about Spence’s post ‘d’…it isn’t that i think he’s ‘bad’ at it, I just think he could be even better:Specifically, I’d like to see more shot blocking & a little bit more crouchiness(my term)in his defensive stance.

    Note:I thought Spencer showed so much potential when he joined the Kings that I named my Black Lab puppy after him. Except when he hogs the ball from his sister, and then we all call him Kobe. just for fun, you know.

    haven’t got back to STR yet, but I plan on visiting soon.

    • It’s still worth your time. You are missed I can promise you that. 🙂

      • Thanks Pookey, I appreciate that!I have seen a few posts there, just haven’t posted yet…:).

        I want to tease out a few more points on the point-guard thing, tho’…

        it’s not that i disagree with how you’ve ranked the players with beno as the 2nd best option & sergio after that; it’s just that like special teams in football, occasional zone defense, or defensive substitutions a coach might use, Sergio’s speed is a factor that can be used just to speed the tempo a little bit & change things up some. Is he better than Beno(Bueno!)?Well, no, but he’s an element that can be utilized sometimes.

  4. Hey Pook, don’t know if you’ll see this as this is an older post and I know how much you love and respect Hoopsworld but Larry Coon is doing a monthly or bi -weekly posts there regarding the CBA. His first one was on the TPE which I actually never understood.

    One of the things I learned is that you can do non simultaneous trades that look like simultaneous trades and in a way get around the rule about combining newly acquired and older tenured players.

    Check it out if you haven’t.

    • Thanks BJ. I absolutely will.

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