Posted by: Kingsguru21 | January 12, 2010

Game #37: Orlando Magic at Kings

Tonight is something of a conundrum for me. The Magic, as some may know, are my 2nd favorite team. I go as much to game threads at the OPP (better known as the Orlando Pinstriped Post) to chat about the Magic occasionally. I really do root for the Magic when I’m not watching the Kings. Which is exactly why I’m at a conundrum tonight. On one hand, I never root against the Kings and I probably won’t even feel a bit conflicted come tip-off. On the other hand, Orlando has struggled recently against sub 500 teams (of which the Kings check in at 15-21) and that’s not good for them if they lose tonight. The Kings more or less won’t see 500 again this season. In the grand scheme of things…….Sigh.

So, this is my resolution. I’ll be happy regardless of which team wins, and I’m thankful they’ll won’t meet in the Finals this year.

As far as basketball is concerned the Magic are 25-12 (yeah I know) and are stinking up the joint. I mean when a team with a 67% winning percentage is stinking up the joint, you know expectations are high. And, with the Orlando Magic and the off-season they had (trading for Vince Carter and Ryan Anderson (another local boy), bringing in Brandon Bass and other local boy Matt Barnes in as Free Agents and resigning promising backup C Marcin Gortat) there should be. The whole Magic 4 All-Star lineup hasn’t really worked as well as all were hoping, and the reasons for that unclear to pretty much everyone. Some of it could be expectations, injuries, and the natural rhythm of the team.

Here’s the deal though. Dwight Howard is still, umm, pretty good. Rashard Lewis is still pretty good even though his numbers are somewhat down this season. (Despite testing for steroids.) Vince Carter is still Vince Carter although VC may not play tonight. Jameer Nelson, like Tyreke Evans, is from Chester PA.

In otherwords, these guys are very very good. They shoot 3’s. Like, a whole fucking shitload of them. But, as they say, it doesn’t mean anything if you don’t hit them. The Magic hit their fair share of 3’s, and do it well because they really only use Dwight Howard and Marcin Gortat as post players exclusively. (To be fair, both Lewis and Carter do play in the post, and both can do it effectively if things are going well.) So, the Kings perimeter defense will be greatly tested. Still, the Kings is not as effective defensively in the middle, and that’s where the Magic still have Dwight Howard (whose making a career high 61% from the stripe this season).

So, I’m scared because after 4 straight losses, Orlando straight dropped the gauntlet on Atlanta. Like they took a dump on the Hawks and didn’t bother to flush because it felt so good. When teams like the Magic get on a roll, they can’t be stopped.

The good news if you’re the Kings is that the Magic, like all teams, go through lulls where they lack ball movement, and the fiercest sense of competition. Tonight should be a good challenge for both teams as the Kings look to defend homecourt against another top flight opponent in the month of brutality aka January where the Magic look to continue their success from ass whoopin Atl 3 nights ago.

The game sets off at 7pm PST, TV is CSNCA and Radio is 1140. Enjoy!



  1. I’m interested in seeing how the Kings bigs do tonight…it’s one thing to beat Denver without Carmelo, & it’s something else going up against Howard. Should be a fun watch.

    • Very much indeed It’s a great challenge for the Kings as this whole month is. I’m so relieved that Kevin Martin will come back soon, but I don’t know if his return will help much until he’s completely back.

      Either way I look forward to tonight.

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