Posted by: Kingsguru21 | January 16, 2010

Game #39: Kings at Washington Wizards

Tonight it’s the Wizards-Kings rematch without the Gilbertology one. Which is too bad, because last time we remember what happened:

On the other hand it is also a ripe opportunity for the Baby Royals to pull out a victory against a wounded team repeatedly licking it’s wounds.

Head to Bullets Forever, Truth About It (among others) for the best Wizards coverage you’ll find. Mike Prada is one of the best basketball bloggers regardless of site, and one of the other editors, Jake, is another terrific writer. To say I feel badly for Wizards fans is an understatement. The Wizards have always had real issues within their organization when Abe Pollin was alive, but now all the Gilbert Arenas stuff is just sinking the organization from every angle. Ugly, ugly, and ugly. Eventually some of this will subside, but not soon enough if you’re a Wiz fan. While I’m glad I’m a Kings fan, I’m glad the organization has never gone through anything remotely similar. (I’m sure every fanbase feels that way.) If you’re interested in any of this Arenas brouhaha (I’m really not), I suppose then you should read this piece by TZ at fanhouse. Interesting stuff if the Wizards can pull that off. (The situation TZ proposes is totally unprecedented by the way.)

None of this, of course, changes the fact that the Wiz played last night in Chicago, and lost. The Kings, while in Philly of course, don’t have quite the brutal back to back that the Wiz did by playing Double OT last night. It is a perfect opportunity for a young team (who has never played well in Washington in my memory) to snatch a win from an ailing, beat up veteran group that has seen it’s direction go south from day one.

The Wizards are a team that plays reasonably fast (11th fastest pace), but offensively and defensively they rank 22nd and 21st respectively. The Kings, conversely, play at the 6th fastest pace, have the 14th ranked offense, and the 26th ranked defense. (It’s funny how the team is starting to slide offensively. Which is not surpising, but hopefully Martin cures some of this ill.)

Regardless, Antawn Jamison and Caron Butler are both All-Star level players. They’re both very good, and both can bring it on any given night. Tonight, is yet another example where the Kings should have an advantage, but realistically it doesn’t matter. If the Kings don’t bring it every single night, they can lose to anybody. That includes this Wiz team, regardless of whether the reason is justified or not.

So, game is at 4, TV is CSNCA and Radio is 1140. Enjoy!


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