Posted by: Kingsguru21 | January 19, 2010

My opinion on Tyreke Evans’ All-Star snub

First, I apologize for the lack of a Bobcats recap (there isn’t one coming–I didn’t see the 2nd half and I’m not inclined as of yet to watch it), and so I thought I would do something entirely original.

I have to credit ESPN with me bringing this up because they’re currently talking about the All-Star game and what not.

My personal opinion? I could care less. I think the whole All-Star weekend is completely boring, and it’s all hob-nob bullshit slap you on your ass networking blah blah blah I could give 2 shits about. It’s not real NBA basketball; it’s just merely a chance for celebrities to mingle with some other celebrities. Also, fans get to show up too. (This means paying way too much money for something completely stupid.)

Personally? I love All-Star weekend because I get to ignore basketball unless a trade like Mike Bibby happens. As such, you can expect no All-Star coverage blah blah blah from me.

The reason why I think the All-Star game is so boring? It’s so stupid in it’s setup, and there isn’t enough ways to make it right. I understand why the NBA isn’t mad that Tracy McGrady is currently one of the top vote getters; it’s for THE FANS. I get that part. (Even if it isn’t.)

As to whether Tyreke Evans is going to get snubbed I figure I might as well get out in front of this topic early since I don’t care and the alternative was linking articles already posted on StR that 99% of my readership was aware of already. Since I don’t care about All-Star weekend, I have very little planned. I’m hoping I can get my ass slapped because NBA basketball won’t be occupying my every living waking moment as it usually does. (Kidding. Well about the NBA occupying my every living waking moment.)

Tyreke Evans will get snubbed. But let’s also ask this question: Is he deserving of a nod?

At the “Guard” position, you have (in alphabetical order): Aaron Brooks, Kobe Bryant, Baron Davis, Monta Ellis, Tyreke Evans, Jason Kidd, OJ Mayo, Steve Nash, Chris Paul, Brandon Roy, Russell Westbrook and Deron Williams. Okay, I’ll grant I (obviously) think that I’d take Reke over Brooks, Davis, Ellis, Kidd, Mayo and Westbrook (and Mayo & Westbrook are not chumps either I might add–Neither are the first 4 names on the list). I haven’t even mentioned Tony Parker yet.

But better than Kobe Bryant, Chris Paul, Steve Nash, and Deron Williams (or Russell Westbrook)? What kills me is that Deron Williams obviously BELONGS, but what about Brandon Roy? That’s 5 G’s ahead of Tyreke right there. Do you think honestly that Tyreke belongs over any one of those 5? (I don’t.)

You know the real killer here? Deron Williams has never been put on All-Star team. Once. (Yet Carlos Boozer has been on the team multiple times. Go figure.)

This is exactly why I don’t pay attention to the All-Star team. Any team that doesn’t put Deron Williams on that team is a crime. The All-Star game is pointless because the fans, as fans often do, get it wrong. Sportswriters (sometimes) get it wrong. Really, the All-Star game should have 15 spots, not 12, and all that. But, the NBA won’t do that. If that were the case, I very much could see Tyreke getting a chance to be in the All-Star game.

As it is, he will already be in the rookie-sophomore game (he and Omri Casspi are virtually locks now) and it’s possible Jason Thompson might get there as well.

All-Star weekend, though, is a joke, and the way All-Stars are selected are a joke. I have no problem with fans having input, but what’s the point really? Fans get it wrong far too often.

This is why, among other things, I tune out All-Star weekend when the Kings aren’t participating. (I’ll probably watch Saturday’s rookie-sophomore game and report on those things actually. What I won’t bother is with anything else.) There’s no reason for me to care in a pointless rigged bullshit paparazzi gathering nonsense gala. I’m not part of the pointless paparazzi, I’m not rich or famous, and I don’t care. No reason for me to tune in. (The funniest part to me is that so many do.)

As to whether Tyreke Evans deserves to be snubbed, he won’t be. He deserves to be there. But, shit, so does Deron Williams. And Brandon Roy. Not to mention Steve Nash, Chris Paul or Kobe Bryant. You can’t be hard pressed to tell me that Evans will get anybody’s attention on a team that is now 10 games below 500. It just doesn’t happen in the NBA deserved or not.

Here’s the good news that too many people will miss in the “hysteria” of Tyreke Evans not being selected for the All-Star game: LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony (although it’s more easily understood in Melo’s case) & Dwight Howard didn’t make it either as rookies. (Oscar Robertson didn’t make the All-Star game as a rookie because there wasn’t one.) All 3 deserved to be there ahead of players who did make the cut. Most often young players get snubbed for no real reason other than they are less known by casual fans. (How anybody could have argued that with LeBron James is beyond me. He was the most well known rookie, who didn’t play in college, in NBA history. Still is to this day for that matter. But even a guy like Carmelo Anthony didn’t benefit from that year at Syracuse because I’m willing to bet most college fans don’t watch or vote on the NBA All-Star game.)

I don’t care about a rigged pointless game for that exact reason. The fact so many other people do is amazing to me, but I’m not in their shoes. If I was getting paid to cover the event/events I’d hype the game despite my personal feelings about the whole thing. (This isn’t going to happen anytime soon, I promise.)

If I’m supposed to be outraged about anything, it will be that Deron Williams doesn’t make an All-Star game he should have made, at a minimum, last season. Or 2 seasons prior. (Or the season prior to that.) Chris Paul didn’t even make the All-Star game until his 3rd season. (How anybody can explain that is beyond me. He should have made the All-Star team his rookie season.)

So, that’s why I don’t feel outraged about Evans’ upcoming snub. Because as amazing as Tyreke Evans has been this season (amazing is one way you could describe this), it’s happened before. The real outrageous action is that the NBA doesn’t seem willing to change it’s All-Star format to better fit the reality of players that should make the All-Star game on any given season. I’m not saying every player has to play (although that usually happens), I am saying that more players deserve to make the All-Star team every single year.

So while choosing Tracy McGrady (and it’s not just T-Mac–lots of Rockets get high All-Star voting because of the Chinese vote) is beyond stupid, it’s only one of many crimes the All-Star process currently has.

Hopefully that’s the point most fans will recognize. But, as usual, I fear it’s not.


Here’s the flip side to that argument, and it’s one, while I don’t personally give 2 shits of a tiddly wink about, applies as important to the franchise/business side of the Kings: Having All-Stars generally means your team is successful.

It’s worth a lot in business for the Kings to have Tyreke Evans make an All-Star game. (It’s also worth something monetarily for Tyreke I’m sure.) It’s a way to market the Kings to casual fans who might not otherwise come to games. It’s a way to grab attention from fans who might not otherwise recognize the Kings as being important to follow. It helps increase the fanbase, no matter how shallow or stupid, and that’s a part that matters.

I don’t care about the All-Star game, and I’m not sure how many times I will have to repeat that. But, I am interested in the All-Star game MORE when the Kings are involved in it. When the Kings aren’t, I don’t really care. (Also, the Kings have had far bigger problems than the All-Star game. The All-Stars is one perk of semi-reasonable success or more.) I’m sure most fans of every team are the same way.

At the end of the day I have a feeling Tyreke Evans will make an All-Star game, and eventually a whole lot of them. The trick is cracking the All-Star game and having your reputation carry you as being a truly elite player to the point that leaving you off the All-Star roster is a crime.

Tyreke Evans is well on his way to getting there. Like everything else Kings related, this is just one area where fans of our Baby Royals will have to exercise patience.

That being said, I can’t wait for the slew of the “Tyreke got robbed for the All-Star game” posts that will come out when the selections are announced. I. Can’t. Wait. (Oh, and if you read to one of the funniest things of all time, read this.)



  1. You make a lot of good points here, pookey, especially about Chris Paul & deron Williams…touche`!

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