Posted by: Kingsguru21 | January 21, 2010

Kings lose to Hawks 108-97

I could tell you that the Kings just don’t have the horses, but I’m sure you already read TZ’s recap. And that is, in fact, the point. They just don’t. They don’t have the interior defense to alter shots at the rim, enough players who rebound defensive boards at over a 20% rate, and just don’t have enough interior post defense period. Or certainly not enough of that to keep on the court consistently anyway.

The Kings beat teams when their J’s are going. And when they don’t? (Which has been a consistent theme in the offensive meltdown’s I might add.) They lose. This is a team 11 games over 500 for chrissake. Look at the boxscore. Look at the 4 Factors:

Pace Eff eFG FT/FG OREB% TOr
Sacramento 92.0 105.4 48.9% 13.8 26.8 13.0
Atlanta 117.4 54.5% 29.5 31.4 16.3

Here’s the reality though: The Kings are not that talented of a team. And nothing they did this off-season, which included some really brilliant maneuvers by the way, would have changed that. They still had a talent deficiency.

That being said I will never submit to the John Wall group. I want Derrick Favors, now, and forever. It’s just that simple. I know why John Wall is popularl; I’m not arguing against the point. What I’m saying is that if you draft John Wall you’re trading away Tyreke Evans to get a better big man up front. At this point, I’m saying that I think I’d rather roll the dice on Favors being better than any big man the Kings could get for Reke.


Meanwhile, the Kings still have 40 more games. And while, I’m still a prick, I’ll also tell you that I love my Baby Royals. And Friday’s game not withstanding (I do not enjoy Magic-Kings games as I once did–joys of rooting for another team I suppose), I want the Kings to win 39 out of 40 games (I’m going to root for the Magic to win on Friday–it’s really simple at this point; the Magic have something to gain & the Kings do not). But I know that won’t happen, and I’m okay with that. If you told me that the Kings would have 15 games, including only 1 win in January, I would be okay with that. It’s progress. It’s not about the progress we all prefer (it’s definitely not that); it’s about the progress that EXISTS.

The progress that EXISTS says that the Kings being 15-26 on January 21st 2010 is major progress. I can live with that. Regardless of whether I’m a major league prick, or not.



  1. isn’t the spelling”capiche”?Not sure on that.

    but otherwise, i agree with you, especially on the big man front.I wouldn’t trade ‘Reke’ away for the “perfect” big. & i’m not willing to just acquiesce that the bigs we have may not still develop further. The league is full of big men still developing.(Andrew Bynum comes to mind)..Spencer Hawes would still be playing college ball if he’d done all 4 years in college…

    take Tim Duncan. he graduated from a naval academy (I think I remember that from somewhere) before he came into the league, so he had to be at least 21 when he started, right? or look at ben wallace…had to play overseas before he got in the league. So there are multiple examples of big players needing time (like a good wine)to mature properly.

    A little patience wouldn’t hurt in this situation. After all, it’s the easiest way to avoid frustration, no?

    • Yes that’s how you spell capiche but I spell things differently because I’m different.

      I hate to correct you after the capishe error, but such is life. David Robinson played at the Naval Academy; Duncan at Wake Forest. As far as Ben Wallace, he wasn’t playing over-sea’s. He was actually playing for the Wizards sparingly after not being drafted out of college in ’96. Your point is still astute though: It took awhile for Wallace to hit his stride.

      As far as patience, you will always get idiots. The best you can do is ignore them, curse them out (my preferred method of choice), or simply make them go away by banning them.

      Such is life I suppose.

  2. I don’t mind you correcting me if I’m wrong…but despite the errors i made, you still recognized the point I was trying to make about big men taking time to develop.

    let’s take Ben wallace, for example. Even after 4 years of college had he hit his stride…no, or he woulda stayed with the Wizards, right?& even after hitting his stride as a good defender and rebounder, he never developed a great offensive game did he?& isn’t it probably more common than not that most(not all) big players have a tendency towards a particular type of game; some are better defenders and rebounders, some are more finesse players (like a Divac) which I think Hawes tends more towards as a role model, but that’s not a bad role model for Hawes to have…he certainly could do a lot worse in the role model department.

    As for JT, the young man looks really frustrated a lot; exactly what is his power game of the future, you tell me; being such a knowledgeable dude.

    it seems that it’s pretty rare to have a dwight Howard that can come into the NBA relatively quick and make an impact on both ends of the court….& even for him there’s been an evolutionary process; which again shows the rarity of such exchanges.

    • Well Rhondda, I’d knew you get the point. I don’t worry about you not getting it.

      As far as big men being better at one aspect of the game, it’s pretty easy to argue that’s true of most players isn’t it? I mean, is Kevin Martin better at defense or offense? Very few players have great games in all facets of the game, and usually those players and teams are the one’s competing for championships.

      As far as Dwight Howard being rare; of course he is. That’s what makes him valuable! If there was 20 players running around with Dwight’s abilities, suddenly Dwight isn’t as valuable.

      As far as Divac vs Hawes, I think the expectation is that Hawes has a similar game. What is forgotten, I think by you Rhondda, is that Divac had a more developed body and was stronger naturally than Hawes will likely ever be. Hawes has developed quite a bit already, but he’s got quite a ways to go. But I don’t think his real abilities to make a difference on the court will come directly from his natural body. It’s got more to do with what his skills are and what not.

      As far as JT, he doesn’t have a power game at all. I would say a little bit, but that doesn’t even apply. His footwork not only is lacking for a better post power game, but it’s also lacking to improve defensively.

      As you say though, young bigs take awhile to develop, and the Kings have 2 reasonable quality bigs in that department. That’s better than OKC at the moment.

      What I think the Kings need, and have thought this pretty much all along (although having watched half a season helps put this into far more crystal perspective than in September) is that the Kings need an athletic, defensive player up front to take some of the pressure off JT & Shawes. Doing this will allow them in turn to show off their skills in a fashion that will force teams to decide whether they want to do with each player.

      I’m quite excited for the future given that there are players out there the Kings could acquire to help with this problem. (Right now I see 2 players being ideal: Tyrus Thomas and Derrick Favors.)

  3. I think Tyrus Thomas or derrick Favors are good suggestions, pookey. Well thought out, as usual.

    but I have to add a caveat on Divac vs. hawes, tho’:

    yes,Vlade was stronger, but he was a few years older than Hawes when he joined the Kings, right?He certainly wasn’t the age of Spence now. Will Spence ever be as strong or quite the flopmaster?heck if I know. But I think it’s too early to dismiss the possibility in my mind.

    • I was talking about Vlade at age 21 when he came into the NBA with the Lakers. Not Vlade at age 30 when he came to the Kings.

  4. Well then, I have to concede that you are correct.

    As already mentioned I like some of Spence’s natural offensive gifts, namely that he does have an outside jump shot & is a passe in the high post that hints at the type of big passing men we have had in the past at Sacramento(i.e., Divac,. Miller)….

    what I’d like to see more from Spence is his development of more post up skills, better ‘d’ in the post…skills I would think you’d like to see more development in also….

    Undecided on the weight point, tho’….while more muscle and heft would undoubtedly help him hold his ground in the paint defensively, I’m not sure it would help him get any quicker in the footwork dept….

    if you have a player with slow footwork to start with is extra weight advisable?i suppose it depends on how much extra weight, where it is, and how much slower feet could affect the rest of his game.Only my opinion, tho’.

    • I agree with better development in these area’s Rhondda. Of course I do. I actually think JT’s footwork is worse than Spence’s. It’s just that Spence somewhat lack of a plus physical level is something that hurts him and teams have figured out how to exploit him. Simply put, they know JT is far easier to attack because of poor footwork, but they know Spence’s physical limitations are far easier to exploit in certain circumstances.

      The reason people notice Jt’s limitations less is because of how aggressive he does play. If Spence had that same level of aggressiveness, I think the Kings would have won a few more games up to this point, but it’s really difficult to say.

      Simply put, I’m not worried about Spence. I think he is pretty much what he is, and if you’re relying on him to be the stud of the frontcourt you’re not likely to be very successful. It’s yet another reason I’ve pushed Derrick Favors so much.

  5. I have noticed that JT’s footwork is slower than Spence’s….I didn’t mention it because I didn’t want to seem as if I was piling on the young man(JT, that is)while he’s been struggling.

    noticed he got his game going last night while sergio was on the floor with him…that was good to see; maybe that’ll help JT get back to the game he was playing before the end of the year.

    • People seem to have no problem doing that with Spence though. (Piling on that is.)

      But yes playing with Sergio (or maybe just playing loose and free) surely helped JT against the Bobcats.

  6. yes…perhaps playing loose & free & not overthinking his game would help JT to regain the game he had earlier…totally agree with you, pookey.Young dude could stand to relax a bit.

    as for the piling on on Spence, I wish ‘people’ would give him a little space & patience…afterall, how many king’s fans can play like him?i think he’s playing as hard as can be expected at the level he’s at.Cut the young man some slack, & if the King’s bigs aren’t ‘performing’ as expected, bring another big in(like you mentioned earlier) rather than to expect spence to be some ‘everman superman’.

    • I agree there’s definitely not a lot of patience regarding Spence. Most of that was because, IMO, he wasn’t performing as well when the Kings were playing well. Now that the Kings are playing a tougher schedule, and Spence is playing better, it’s getting lost in the shuffle somewhat.

      I don’t know how the answer for any of this is other than to be patient and say you saw the growing pains.

      My only suggestion is don’t give up on a team this young right now because they will get better with age. The question is how good.

  7. I agree completely…all good points, pookey.

    p.s:i saw a post you wrote a while back about Sergio, could you bring that back up so i could post a comment on it?It seems relevant now with all the discussions about his talents(and faults, too) over at Sactown Royalty…and since our viewpoints differ it could be an interesting discussion.

    • Yes you can Rhondda. But I think you figured out the answer to that already.

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