Posted by: Kingsguru21 | January 23, 2010

Game #43: Kings at Miami Heat

Last night Orlando, tonight Miami. (It’s just that way in the NBA.) The good news is that this time of the year is the best to be in Orlando/Miami, and hopefully the team can enjoy that. (I think NBA players don’t enjoy that stuff though.) If you haven’t read HT’s preview, I suggest doing so. (It’s the first comment.)

So what is the deal? I think TZ actually nailed a real issue of the Baby Royals in recent play: They don’t play fast enough. Which of course brings about 2 issue’s.

First, one reason I think the Kings played faster earlier in the season because of Sergio Rodriguez’s presence. Second, this is not a reason to play Sergio. It’s merely a point that if Tyreke, Beno, Omri and Kevin do not speed up the offense, the Kings as a whole offensive unit tend ot suffer. It’s sometimes that simple. I don’t care what Sergio Rodriguez does in terms of speed, and while important, it’s not enough for him to be on the court consistently.

What is important that the other players also pick up their abilities in the open court, too. Nocioni, Thompson, Hawes (among others) all perform better in the open court. It’s no coincidence that the Kings can’t play at a slower speed, but that one player who is still getting his numbers (for the most part) is Tyreke. That’s because he can play at any speed.

The problem now is that can Tyreke see that pushing the pace AT ALL TIMES is what’s best for his teammates, and does he have the energy to keep doing so.

I also think the Kings must get strong games from Spencer, JT (it would be nice if both played well at the same time), Donte, Omri and Beno.

Sometimes it’s really that simple, too. Your best players have to perform when it matters, and the Kings best players have not performed well enough to be able to win the game. Voila!

So, the game is at 430 PST, TV is CSN, and Radio is 1140. Enjoy!

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