Posted by: Kingsguru21 | January 27, 2010

Kings almost run out of steam: Beat Warriors 99-96

Box Score. 4 Factors:

Pace Eff eFG FT/FG OREB% TOr
Golden State 105.0 91.4 34.0% 34.0 24.6 11.4
Sacramento 94.3 40.2% 27.2 36.5 18.1

We know who played really well (Beno, Reke at times, Spence, Sean May). We know who didn’t play well at all (Martin, JT). Stephen Curry for the Golden State Dubs played incredibly well all night (prompting one GS fan at StR to say that Curry is now the better rookie than Evans–which of course is silly), and ended up with a very strong line himself. (I say good on Stephen Curry–any argument he’s a better player than Evans is outright pointless.)

Onto the bullet points.

* Not sure what to say about Sean May, but I loved to see him play well. May has been professional, and has remained so despite the disappointment of not playing much for the entire season.

* My only proposed solution to Kevin Martin’s problems: Keep shooting.

* Jt’s problems? Like Jerry Reynolds said last night, JT needs to face up on players defending him. The way he exploits this matchup best is by taking the ball 15-18 ft away from the basket and then making a move. Simple.

* Andres Nocioni line wasn’t all that impressive, but he did some good things (being physical for one) defensively that did make it somewhat difficult for the Dubs to take the ball inside whenever they wanted. The flip side to Noc’s good night defensively is that he continues to chuck inefficiently. On the flip side to that inefficient night, the 3 balls that Noc hit in the 4th were a big part of the Kings maintaining a big lead.

* Spence’s game was brilliant last night. I submit, if nothing else, that’s a top 3 game (game at home vs Memphis early in the season, the game against LA on New Years, and last night). I don’t really know what to say, but his defense is so much better than JT’s right now it isn’t funny.

* The Kings didn’t really miss Jon Brockman last night. Which is amazing given the amount of boards AND physical play that saw a combined 75 FT’s.

* Tyreke Evans was a tale of 2 players. The first player, the player who put up big numbers, scored a lot in transistion, and did so effectively. The second player, slowed it down and walked the ball up the court, let himself be drawn into the halfcourt game on which he’s not nearly as effective in. Goading by fans, or no. (H/T to IW for the link.)

* I think Paul Westphal deserves some credit for this game and how it was managed. For the most part, the combinations used in this particular game worked. Yet again, these are the perils of dealing with a young team. (And a talent deficient team.)

* I don’t even know what to say about Beno other than this: Draino this!

* I loved the 68 rebounds. I hated the 19 TO’s (4 by Beno–and 3 apiece from Evans & Martin).

Okay that’s it. Good day.

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